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I feel obligated to share my horrible experience with Bank of America while I was in the process of refinancing my primary home. I have had my mortgage loan with Bank of America for over five years and decided that I would benefit from refinancing, given the low...
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Is there somewhere to go to complain about these banking practices? Does anyone over see bank refinances?

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Bank Of America Loan

Bank Of America in Washington, District Of Columbia - Extortion?

In my mailbox today was a letter from BOA. It stated that I needed to call and make a payment of $247 today or pay them the entire balance of $12,990 by the 26th of June. I called customer service and asked them how I was to pay almost 13K to them by the end of the week if I couldn't pay then $247 today. What has this world come to? I am only one payment behind on this account and they are calling in the note. What recourse do we the consumer have? Who is protecting us from this sort of thing? Can I sue Bank of America? Sure, it will cost me about 13k, which I bet they would finance, at 27%.
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Before Obama, I was okay with my debt with BOA. But since the new laws were discussed, that bank began extorting me.

After every payment I made, my credit limit was reduced to equal my debt thereby making this service invalid and unavailable. Abuse of ones authority IS extortion. They will eat my 7K+ debt because I have absolutely no will to haggle with any "Very Big Corporation of America" like them. And seriously, if I payed them back, most of that cash will end in China, in the pockets of rich commies who deal with slavery, sweat shops, child labor, and other forms of pollution.

Thank you BOA, for opening my eyes to the tyrrany and injustice. EAT IT!

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Yes extortion, if handicapped people can get loans they still have to pay them back. Sorry but it isn't the bank's fault you are handicapped. Is your car paid off and if not do you not have to pay back your car loan because you are handicapped?


:( I am handicapped and could not pay on loan from BAC. BAC took me to court for a Judgement, which they got, now they have taken it to the courts and I am supposed to pay the courts.

Can they do this to handicapped or disabled people? :?

:( :( :(

ps.. I don't own anything except a car.

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