We have closed 4 accts over the past 12 months with this bank (savings, business, checking accts). They are the most arrogant, snotty and rude customer serv reps I've ever experienced.

They will not answer their (local) phone...they just let it ring until an automated system picks up. One day after phoning 11 times (this is no lie), throughout the morn & afternoon, I actually faxed them a huge note and asked ANYONE, SOMEONE to call me! At the very end of the day, someone finally called me. He said "oh, we were too busy to answer the phone".

They just don't give a S**@!! Almost every single transaction with this bank led to some issue..problem...or ridiculous request. It's like they do it on purpose just because this bank truely hates people. Stay away from this bank....if you have an account there, CLOSE IT!

and never do business with them.

I'm SO glad I left. My new credit union is WONDERFUL!

Review about: Bank Of America Checking Account.

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