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FROM: Karl F Klingelhoeffer and Joan R Klingelhoeffer ,ATBE I have a serious and continuing problem: (never answered?) March 3 ,2020

I have two (2) brokerage accounts with Merrill Lynch: (Bank of America)

Wealth Management 881-XXX-XX496 XXX-XXE77

I had over $$115,260.04 available cash in Wealth Mgmt XXX-X496 as of Jan31,2020

I have a Bank of America N. A.

checking account ( no number disclosed?)

A Cash Management account: check numbers for routing, etc : 08430****…..0411********

Problem: Within the last couple months I have (by internet) transferred several amounts

from this CCMA Checking account to various vendors such as AAA Insurance and local government, etc).( I have the evidence ,I am also sure your records show these transactions !)


Not only is this is most embarrassing , but it also ruins my credit! This has effected my health ! I am extremely concerned not to be able to trust a bank or the brokerage house, Merril Lynch, which you own, and in which I have over a million dollars invested?

Yet when asked for any kind or explanation I received none...not from Bank of America, Merrill

Lynch or my broker, Scott Engle, my Representative with ML. I cannot believe you would bounce checks and not at least warn me or my Representative at Merrill Lynch..YOU DID NOTHING!

, in order for me to be prepared for the legal problems and the gross anxiety to a 93 year old client?

I no longer have any confidence in Bank of America or Merrill Lynch !

You made it impossible to write a check against this account for fear it will be bounced by you?...

why deal with such incompetence?

I insist upon written and verbal explanations and apologies ,concerning these destructive inaction's I also believe you should want to provide other compensation for the mental stress and destruction of my credit you created with official government agencies, insurance companies, etc.

This certainly not a threat, , but my not receiving an official, sincere responses to this negligence within a reasonable time (suggest this month) I will consider other means to solve the problem!


Karl F. Klngelhoeffer

kfk2@***.net 610-644-****

CC: Scott Engle , Merrill Lynch

Location: Malvern, Pennsylvania

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Oh, I just got a hateful comment on my own issue with Bo(B)A when their own laziness causes customer payment issues, then they blame the customer. They're obviously trying to get rid of their customers by not caring about them, causing problems for them, and yes, their own actions caused my credit score to plunge, they ADMITTED IT, and so far have refused to work it out or even to contact me over it.

All other banks send a survey as to their customer experience from phone calls. Bo(B)A does not. They just do not care about their customers at all, despite me making sure they get paid on time (when they LET me). I usually have already paid the bill by the time it gets to me in the mail.

They don't seem to care about any of that.

I have no idea what they feel like they're accomplishing but driving off long-standing GOOD customers is simply bad business practice. I mean, there's NO competition in banking....right?

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