Norcross, Georgia

Bank of America is the worst bank in the world. The best thing I did was take my money out and put it in my local credit union. Bank of America charges huge overdraft fees and the customer service really sucks. I recommend you to check out Clark Howard's website at to help get out of debt and improve your finances. One of the best things you can do is put your money in a credit union and avoid high bank fees and bad customer service.

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I joined a credit union after Washington mutual became chase, I could'nt be happier, I'm not gonna pay a big cooperate bank anything to use their services, their corrupt.


Take your funds out of BofA and put them ANYWHERE other than there. I just received notice (as did tens of thousands of mortgage borrowers) that we have all been sold off to Green Tree LLC (collection agency) which has one of the worst consumer harassment reputations in the market.

We have never been late, always pay early and our credit is immaculate (815+). To make this worse, BofA failed to pay the taxes on our home and they have yet to transfer the escrow funds to Green Tree which is their excuse for not paying it. BofA timed the transfer to coincide with bi-annual payments, great for their bottom line, terrible for the consumer.

Transfer Ccard balances, refi, do anything to dump them.

If they treat good customers this way, they don't deserve ANY customers.


By all means dump all the big banks. Do your business with a local bank, mutual bank or credit union.

All the 'too big to fail' banks are crooked to the core. I do not understand why people still choose to pay their near illegal fees and get cheated constantly by these institutions who secretly screw the poor and middle class.


Bank of America is a predatory bank. One of their insider banking mottos is "*** the Poor".

No joke. They know the most vulnerable are more likely to overdraw, be late with payments as they struggle to get through this recession so B of A is right there to push them further into *** Without my knowledge or permission they opened an escrow account for me and have upped my mortgage payment $300 again without my knowledge. I have spent three days on phone until one employee told me it was all taken care of and reserved. She lied.

They just upped my payment again. I have never been late, have a perfect payment record and they are cheating me. I have no phone numbers, no email addresses and no name to contact. My house is for sale but it could be many months before it's sold and in the meantime I am at the mercy of this out of control bank.

It's a nightmare. Instead of a loan modification (which I never applied for) they modified it upward. How can they get away with this?

I am dumbfounded. :(