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after losing a small business after 9/11/01 i had extreme financial difficulty. my mortgage was taken over by bank of america from countrywide.

i applied sent in all documents along with my first trial payment due 11/1/09,2nd, 12/1/09 3rd, 1/1/10. i recieved a notice in the end of jan, 10 that i missed my first payment.thats when the serious issues started. after dozens of phone calls and hours on the phone i got nowhere. finally in may 2010 i recieved a letter stating that i was in default and did qualify for hamp but was offered an in house modification that was not much better thamy current loan.

after six months of frustrating phone calls i recieved a letter from office of the president consumer advocate stating that after further review they have concluded that all trial pmts were wer made and i had to appeal for a secnd time. why am i appealing for a major banking institutions negligence. after more phone calls and more documents i am told once again that i do not qualify for hamp because the qualifications have been changed 1/1/11..i will admit at this point i blew a gasket. more phone calls more documnts.

for the last two to three weeks nobody has even ret my calls!!! i have had it .

i have contacted the office of the controller in washington, my local congressman, and new jersy attorney geerals office.all of which had 100s of similar complaints. i implore you do not this bank bully you into forclosure ,contact your local agencies and they will be more than helpful in gettig to the bottom of this atrosious behavior.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Loan Modification.

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Hello Robbo,

I read your complaint about BofA. There is something that you can do.. Espescially with BofA and if they are trying to foreclose on your property. Lenders got greedy and got caught..If you are upset with your lender you can take them to court and sue them. If you took your loan out or refinanced between 2002 and 2009 your loan may have beed securitized. If it was, you have a case against them. If you would like to know more give me a call at 760-324-6410..

Even if you lost your home in foreclosure. You could not get your house back but you could get a cash settlement for all your troubles..So, if you like give me a call if you get my voicemail leave me your name and number.Or e-mail me back at dallas92270@yahoo.com and be sure to put "Sue my lender in the subject line so I do not mistake it for spam and delete it, also the best time to contact you and at what number.Now is the time to take the decision making power away from your lender and level the playing field in a court of law. This is for real.. Thank You and Take Care, Dallas


I am working on my justice with just the evidence that the courts need. I also have a lawyer that gets it as well and has said that he can provide counsel in other states.

He says the audits that I have are just what the court is looking for when it comes to evidence of foreclosure and mortgage fraud. He was fired by a law firm for working for the homeowners and not the banks, he sued them for ethics violations and won. That tells me he gets it. If you contact steve@endlessfrauddetection.com he will get you started with the audits like I have to prove that those foreclosing do not have legal right to do so as well as all the fraud in the mortgage documents.

It was found that had we paid the full 30 years we would have paid over $40,000 more that we were suppose to. He can also provide you the contact information to the lawyer that gets it.

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