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I am an American living overseas and have made wire transfers several times. This is the first time that I encountered the following problem.

I made a wire transfer in the amount of approximately $652. I paid the bank here in Asia their fee in cash. Upon receiving the transfer, B of A deducted $18 for a fee. The deposit was then for approximately $634.

I was okay with that. But a couple of days later, I was assessed a second wire transfer fee of $16. Trying to deal with the bank's customer service is a nightmare. Although their online website clearly shows the two charges, the CS reps say that they see only one.

They do not even bother to look.

Obviously, this is a small amount. But if B of A is doing this (charging double) on every wire transfer, the amount they make in a year could be staggering.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $18.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Bank Of America Pros: Online ability.

Bank Of America Cons: Customer service.

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I was transferred $5000 USD for Switzerland to my B of A account. $4985 arrived.

On top of that the $15 wire transfer fee was charged. Who took my extra $15 without my consent?


I sent $4000 of US currency from Asia with outbound fees already paid at the local bank. BofA showed incoming transfer $3985, and a day later a wire transfer fee of $15.

The inbound wire transfer fee is $15, but who took the other $15? This is ridiculous!


I ve sended $1000 from Istanbul to ny both accounts are mine, bank from Istanbul charge nothing , When money arrive to BofA I see $970 and BofA charge $16. They’re saying $16 for international transfers in usd currency .

It’s ok .

But who cut another $30 ? P


they are still doing this i see! secret $18 taken and charged another wire transfer fee....


The same thing just happened to me. First they took $15 out of the wire (I already payed the equivalent of $30 in the foreign currency to wire). Then they assessed a second $15 charge.


Yes, they charged twice since there was a "middle bank" charge transaction.


Double dipping, yes they do. Two transfers from Spain and they took $25 from each one "Deducted from payment" it says on the Wire Transfer Advice they mailed to me.

The only thing you see in online banking is the OTHER $16 they charge. Total fees per transaction: $41.

Wire transfer fees like this are just highway robbery. Wire transfer fees used to be because they had to convert currencies.

These days a smart phone or a laptop can do that.

Their computers can do it with about .000001 % cpu usage. No human has to count out change and convert it.


I have had the same issue with BOA on double charging. I get $35 taken off my initial wired sum before it reaches my branch in Florida.

The Florida branch of BOA deducts an additional $16 for the same transfer. I make 15 transfers a year from my UK bank to my US bank. I have tried to resolve the matter with no success to date BOA International wire transfer division are trying to avoid responsibility.

Tried on line chat and visited my local branch. I cannot believe they can get away with this rip off