980 Ridge Rd, Webster, NY 14580, USA
Not resolved

Date of occurrence: July 30, 2018

Location: Webster, NY 14580

Time of occurrence: 2:30pm

Name of Manager: Patrick M. Montgomery

I went into bank to make a deposit and to change $1000 of twenties into hundreds. Mr. Montgomery was not only discourteous, but absolutely rude and sarcastic. He never acknowledged me. He said "I could take you." When I approached I said I needed to change the twenties and that I wanted to make a separate deposit of $500.00. He counted the twenties, asked me to fill out a deposit ticket (normally the teller will do it) and submit my drivers' license. He counted $500 dollars and handed it to me. I told him there should be $1000. He said "Oh really, so there should be." He then advised me to go to another teller to make my deposit. So I had to stand in line. This teller was professional, polite, and apologetic. I requested a business card from this "manager." "Upon leaving he said "Have a nice day."

I have been a BOA customer for many years and I have never experienced such horrible customer service, what's less from a manager. This "manager" needs a demotion to teller and should really learn proper customer service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Bank Of America Pros: Previously reliable, Been bankwith you for 20 yes and love our bank, Teller.

Bank Of America Cons: Patrick m montgomery, Manager, Rude and awful, Incompetence.

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-Bank of America has had more complaints filed with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau than any other American financial institution, according to a July report from Mother Jones magazine. -Consumers have lodged 20,512 complaints against BOA to the CFPB since Dec 2011, one of the worst track records of any bank, nearly 25% of ALL complaints even more than Wells Fargo.

-BOA has for the past four years (2013) finished in the top three of Consumerist’s annual reader polls to nominate as the worst companies in America. -Yes they suck!!!

but the CEO of Bank of America Brian Moynihan was compensated $20M in 2016 and $23M in 2017. His compensation was 250 times his average worker.


Go into that branch and get the name of the manager and also the phone number and name of HIS boss. He has a manager somewhere who handles a number of different branches.

Complain to whomever his boss is.

They should call you. Even if they do, find a better bank.

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