After being with BofA for over 3 decades...they have in recent months/years become way too sensitive to potential security risks and fraud protection to the point where I never know when and where my debit card is going to be declined or locked for what they consider 'unusual activity'.

It's infuriating when I go to an ATM to withdraw cash and get a message saying the transaction can not be completed at this time and has nothing to do with the ATM machine being out of cash.

Or when I'm at a store and get my transaction declined despite knowing I have plenty of money in my account.

Their fraud protection is simply out of control to the point that not only are they keeping my money from potential thieves...they are keeping my money from me!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Account.

Location: North Las Vegas, Nevada

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Yep - their head of I.T. is lazy is what it means. They're all for making their OWN jobs easier while making the customer jump through a bunch of hoops just to make a payment, then when that causes an issue, they don't address it, don't help you, and frankly with the long wait times they make it seem like they don't want to hear from us at all....


You are being mild. Bank of America is simply Corporate bizerk.

. They deleted my automatic pay, then charged me for non payment. And?? Finally??

Clisevme down as bad customer by virtue if my late payment. Reducing now, my credit line, as though I care.. Perhaps, a program to eliminate the dead weight customers?? Little do they know??

They were my " Legit".. Closing me down..they lose several million! Still??

Anyone know what goes here? Lrb


They tried to get me to set up "autopay" too and I know once started, it's almost impossible to stop unless you close the account it's drawn upon. I just wouldn't let them do that UNLESS they solved my problem, and after several attempts on their part to do so, I just said, "I've brought the account current as soon as I knew there was an issue, so I need something on your part before I set up ANYTHING "automatic." Needless to say, they neglected to do so, therefore I filed a complaint here - the person I talked to was obviously racist as he talked himself into a corner by telling me lies where he wasn't gonna help me no matter what info he had, and even knew I had just made a payment THAT WENT THROUGH IMMEDIATELY and he knew it but "the computer says it isn't." The need to fire that guy and just use the computer, then...for all the good their "Customer Service" is, not fixing issues THEY caused and hitting MY credit report over THEIR BS!!!

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