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I found a $50 unauthorized charge on my credit card statement and immediately called BofA to report it.An investigation was opened and the merchant making the fraudulent charge offered up a receipt from months earlier when I had used their services. Even though nothing about the 2 charges matched except my personal information, BofA closed the investigation stating that the merchant had my information so tough luck.

I called BofA and asked that they look into it again because the merchant was trying to pass off a receipt from a legitimate charge for one that wasn't (completely different dates). Again they said "The merchant has your information, too bad". I then took my paperwork down to my local BofA bank branch and talked to the manager. After looking at my evidence, the manager agreed that the decision to stick me with the fraudulent charge was wrong.

The manager called BofA card services and had the case opened again. At some point in time, I don't even know when, the case was closed, and BofA filed a credit report stating my account was closed - which it wasn't, and that I was 5 months behind in my payment - which I wasn't, I'm disputing a fraudulent charge.

So it appears, if you ever use a Bank of America credit card anywhere, you will be on the hook for any fraudulent charges made against that card if the merchant has your information!! I will never do business with Bank of America again, and the same would be my advise to everyone else.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Account.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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