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One day suddenly my debit card did not work. I tried using it to buy something from a vending machine at work, and it got declined.

I thought perhaps the machine had an issue. I then tried to buy gas and pay at the pump using the card. Again, rejected. My final test was a BoA ATM.

Rejected again. I called BoA customer service and the guy told me that the account had been frozen and told me he'd transfer me to the department that handles that. He transfers me and guess what? They're closed.

The next day, I physically went to my local branch and told them the situation. They looked into the computer and guess what? My account had been flagged and frozen due to some audit; they found that they somehow didn't have my citizenship status on file so they without warning, flagged my account and denied me and entities that I owed money access to my funds. Here's the thing, I opened that account over twenty years ago when they were known as Barnett Bank.

How could they not after all these years have my status?

And why wouldn't they contact me before just freezing me out of my own money? I was locked out of my own finances for three freaking days.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Checking Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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dont be a wise jazz H. Kitchener.

these are people having legitimate problems, there is always one in every group.

Guess you are so smart you could tell us how its done. NOT!


Dump this bank and find a friendly local chartered bank


Now you know why using a debit card for everything is rather dumb. I assume you bought your gas, snacks and whatever else with cash from your wallet like a normal person would do in a situation like this. Keeping a couple of hundred dollars in your wallet is a wise move, sparky.


No need to be a ***.


They do on hundreds of posts. 899 to be specific.

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