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We received a letter from BOA telling us our account was going to be closed. Didn't give a reason, just an 800# to call. Never can talk to a real live person when calling BOA. We had to leave our name & number, but were worried it was a scam so we went into our local bank first thing in the morning. The gentleman we talked to assured us that the letter was indeed a scam after looking at our account and not finding anything wrong with it and calling that 800# himself and not getting a response he asked to make a copy of the letter and was going to pass it on to their fraud dept. Told us not to worry everything was fine with our account, it's a savings account, we don't write checks off of it, we've got over $200,000 in the account, we've used the atm card so the account didn't sit for too long, so he was positive everything was fine.

Thursay night we get an email from BOA informing us our account is closed....WTF No explanation, only another *** 800# and again you leave your name & phone number. First thing Friday we're in the branch office, demand to speak with the branch manager & the *** that told us everything was fine. She can't tell us why it was closed, where are *** money is or anything. The district manager happened to be there so he starts investigating and can't get any answers either. So now we're told that if we'll just be patient they'll mail our money to us in a cashiers check within 24 hours. ***!!!! We're still waiting, no one will give us an answer, the people finally called us back on from the 800# (they are rude as ***) they don't care that your entire life savings has,poof,disappeared, what's it to them? The only thing they keep telling us is that the check has been sent out by UPS but they can't give us a tracking #. AGAIN...........*** You can't send anything out via ups without getting a tracking #.

Where's my freakin money? How can they get away with this? We had just gotten a pre-approval letter from BOA to buy a home and had made an offer on a home. We lost the house because we can't show proof of funds now and have no idea how long (or even if) we'll get our money back.

Monetary Loss: $20000.

  • Bank of America are Thieves
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I hope this gets solved for you. It sounds like B of A are either crooks or just too dumb to run a bank business.

I was going to have my s.

sec. account handled through them, but now I have second thoughts.

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