Clarksburg, West Virginia

I have been a customer of Bank of America a long time.Never been late with a payment or have I missed any.Will borrow the money to pay account off if I have to.This new rate applies to balances that were on lower rates at the time purchases were made.This seems like a breech of contract on the part of Bank of America to increase the rate on a deal all-ready made.Thanks but no thanks! Good Bye Bank of America.This is one pissed off customer that will never use Bank of America again.

I do not have to use your *** card any way!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Account.

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I thought the whole bail out thing was to get companies to lend ie give credit and yet everything the credit card companies are doing seem to disuade customers from borrowing which is an essential part of the economy;buying on credit.


All the banks are raising rates. Then don't use your card. It's that simple

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