On 4.26 my mother in law visited BOA branch in Stamford, CT. She asked to provide the bank office statement of her accountant so she can attach this document to the Department of Homeland Security " Unite with Ukraine" application.

Due to the war, USA offered to support Ukrainian refugees , with application process in place. So as a boa customer she went to see local bank and request her 2021 bank officer statment to attach to the application.

LOLA E RILEY- VP, was the one who refused to help and expedite the requested document. My mother in law said that she can not wait 4-5days since her daughter and 2 grandsons are in òlbasement hiding in their hometown so she needs to submit the petition ASAP and thus provide BOA statment. LOLA refused to help out, nor listen to a daughter in law that was translating from Ukrainian to English.

She dropped the phone, showed rudeness and full disrespect to the situation.

So how is BOA supporting Ukraine??! By showing hate!!!

I hope Lola will never end up in the position of in which my mother in law was. In the true moment of need, BoA representative truly stood up by translating no customer service care, no compassion.

I am taking this instance to my attorney as a hate based incident

User's recommendation: Avoid Boa.

Bank Of America Cons: Absurd security procedures, Tort neglegence fidiciary, Lack of knowledge or unwilling to help.

Location: Stamford, Connecticut

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