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I called my attorney today to ask about a class action or something else through the AG or congress. I have been with B of A for 10 years, personal and business; I put about 1.5 million through each year. After a month of lousy, slow paying clients I had about 10 overdrafts at $35/pop. Now they are changing the rules and holding my deposits (in state checks) for 7- 10 business days. Everyone knows that these clear within 2 days. They even held a Bank of America check from a customer for 3 days. Scam? Of course. And to think that they are taking billions of our/my tax dollars and still want the interest from my deposits when I need the $$ the most. It might put me out of business, as this month is a tough one.

Anyone who is interested in helping pursue this, email me at:


with the subject line:

Time to get our money back from the B of A greedy crooks

Seriously, it needs to be done, so drop me a line.

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All of you, go to your Senators. That's what they are for.

They need to be investigated and your Senator is just the person to initiate it. Tell your Senators you want the banks regulated and and to change the banking laws.


How can I get in touch with you ? I can't see your e-mail on my screen.

Dave G


I think a better strategy would be for several thousand of us to file in small claims courts across the country. That is what I plan to do.