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I closed an account with BofA a week prior. My employer mistakenly sent my direct deposit to the closed account.

B of A refused to acknowledge to my employer that the account was closed. They also refused to acknowledge that I did not have possession of the funds. I spoke with claims representative Tony Johnson and he was condescending and rude claiming that he would not verify information with my employer and even if he did he would advise them to NOT cut me a live check b/c the funds could potentially deposit into a CLOSED account.

A bunch of bull. Customer service sucks and I will be filing a formal complaint against him and B of A for their bogus and ludicrous 'policies'.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Banking Service.

Monetary Loss: $768.

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New York, New York, United States #662664

Let me bottom line this for you, the bank doesn't care what happened to your money. You are no longer a customer so what difference does it make to this billion dollar corporation what happened to your little pay check?

Your employer will receive the funds back... eventually.

Be patient and in the future, don't close an account until you are sure your direct deposit has been transferred to a new account. Common sense, right?

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