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Second time going through home loan process with BOA and I'm upset with myself for doing it the second time. Loan processor in my town just made redundant excuses for his lack of knowledge about my home loan process.

Continued to say it was underwriters. I gave them everything they asked for and they still kept coming back asking to explain things on my personal checking account. Even asking what my Medicom bill was for!-home internet and tv! Would check weekly for updates.

Finally my real estate agent was checking bc I was not getting a reply from my loan officer. I made an official complaint to the direct home loan dept via phone. They assured me I would have a call within 24-48 hours. It's now 1 wk later and yet to,hear from anyone.

I'm 4 days alway from closing and have no idea if my home loan package is complete and accurate. It's been in process for 6 mths( it was started and supposedly completed 6 mths ago but had to freeze it bc house I was selling in another city fell through before I could continue my new VA home loan) nothing at all had changed once I did finally sell that house and able to return my VA eligibility funds, for new loan.

I'm hoping I can refinance with another lender soon. I have all my accounts with BOA and I am going to pull them ASAP!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Stop with the "I'm a veteran! Pity me!" B.S.

I'm a veteran as well. People like you are embarrassing. Your headline SCREAMS "I'm a veteran. I will tell you I'm a veteran.

I expect special rules because I'm a veteran. Did I mention I am a veteran?

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