Homestead, Florida
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Update by user Nov 07, 2018

BofA came through with the Letters of Satisfaction. Although it was after the closing they did follow through.

Original review posted by user Oct 31, 2018

Trying to close a cash deal on my home but old mortgage from B of A and refinanced by B of A is not showing in county records, they never recorded it...they could not refinance in 2013 without paying off their existing B of A loan from 2007. Quote " the loan form 2007 was purged and we don't have it we need to research it".

You refinance, and it and it was your loan originally *** So, we can’t close...remember I am in Florida dealing with Florida mentality and work ethic...I just need to show the loan they had and refinanced in 2007 was satisfied...

need a contact asap. All loans done with B of A....go figure

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Mortgage.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $270000.

Preferred solution: get me proof of satisfied loan in 2007.

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I know,BOA claimed I was behind and refused to take my payments,then claimed I was about to be foreclosure unless I paid for a tittle search (?) as well as other bs with a certified BOA cashiers check I paid all that I was told I needed to and resumed making payments,in cash,in person,at local bank and little more than a year later I paid last 3 payments early.They didn’t want to take the payment,due to the fact that they wanted for me to call ahead for a “payoff”statement (?)!whatever!...So a few days go by and I get a call from BOA about past due payments,just as I recived a statement in the mail Showing that I had made the payoff and another came reflecting zero payments?Then 2 FedEx a day along with collections calls and more conflicting statements.When I finally spoke to a person who confirmed that “yes” they had recorded of reciving my payoff but didn’t apply it to the payoff of my mortgage and wouldn’t be applying the payments to the loan!Well after going around-n-round about it with them I finally just said,”well fine then you have to give my money back to me then,you get to just hold my money!”To which I was told “No they would not be giving any money back!”Needless to say that was not the end of the ordeal,However I did keep my home and it only took BOA more than 2 YEARS to get my secure warranty deed to me even if the law in my state only gives the bank 60 days to provide the home owner with the clear deed!After checking all activities on my deed on file with my county’s courthouse there was no record of any foreclosures filed on behalf of The Bank Of America!Dont take any *** from the BULLYS!Fight them,if you have any doubts about what they tell you go to your county’s courthouse and check.

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