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I got majorly screwed by bank of america. They closed my accounts without any warning and took all my bill money.

They would not tell me anything for 24 hours. Then I get told I have to wait 30 days for all my money. They had no compassion. Then when they did tell me they said it was becasue of a bankruptcy that they new about 4 weeks prior when they put me on there credit protection program.

For the whole story and to tell your own story go to I am putting together a ton of stories to publish for the better business bureau and news stations to put an end to them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Account.

Monetary Loss: $1100.

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BofA also started reciving my payments late no matter how early they were mailed. The only way to keep them from doing this was to go to a BofA branch and pay in person.

Then they still tried to screw me over but I kept all paperwork including all reciepts and had to spend a afternoon with them to get things right. BIG MONEY=Your screwed

And we bailed these *** out?????????



I have been with Bank of America for 19 years. Just checked my statement and they have charged me $19 per month for the last two months for my free checking account!!!!!

I brought this up and was told NEW FEES!!!!

Guess what!! Next week NEW BANK!!!!!!!!!!!!


I had 3 BOA Credit cards, for personal and business. Before the credit crunch, it was smooth sailing.

After the economy took a header into the shallow end of the pool, BOA started some really shady stuff... I wish I could prove it, but this is what happened: I would send my payments as I always did, but low and behold they wouldn't get credited until the day after the due date... yet consistently my payment would be credited THE DAY AFTER late fees were applied... WHAT?

Really? Not on one card, all three. So now the cards are not only getting smacked with late charges, but they have the authority to crank up the interest rate to a default loan sharking rate of 29%.... WHAT????

So of course I call them each and every month... what the *** is going on. "Your payment was late" Impossible. "sorry sir there's nothing I can do." on and on and on it goes.

So at this point I have nearly $40k in debt to these scammers... so I quit paying them out of principle. About 10 months go by and then they call and offer a settlement situation. I agree to it, and pay the settlement amounts (many thousands of dollars) what they fail to tell you is that they are going to continue to report the settlement difference as a delinquent amount on your credit bureau for the next 7 years....

I have impeccable credit, other than this BOA issue, and it drags my score down into the mid 600's... I hate these M-F's with every morsel of my body. BTW I had the privilege of paying TAXES on every penny that wasn't paid to them to the tune of nearly $35,000 in Sched C Income beyond my real income. Which cost me another $10,000.00 and yet I still have the privilege of being abused by BOA by theirs and the BIG 3 Bureaus control over my life.

I am now part of a class action law suite against them for their actions over the past few years. It probably won't amount to much because they have screwed so many people that everyone will probably get $25.00 and we will still get no satisfaction when it comes to the BIG 3.


I'd bend you over and would not use any lube ( o )

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