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I had a account for 19 years as a Irrevocable personal Trust account , they never said anything about disclosures, never disclosed that they could close a account at any time for any reason.....this is fraud, deceptive, my account was to last for over 100 years.....credibility, integrity, goodwill based on the long term account, and they for no lawful reason closed it, never a negative balance, never a bounced check, constant use, always good balance, never any use out of line, used the same way every month, impeccably managed for 19 years. This is a violation of multiple laws.

If anyone has ever had the account closed and they never disclosed to you they could do it at any time or for any reason at the time you signed the deposit agreement...please contact me, I would be willing to bring you in as a witness to come against them, and get the court to rule against this kind of is constructive fraud to do what they are doing.

They induce you to get the account from them, then they violate you later or years later without ever telling you at the time of signing they could do any such thing. Contact me at, I will get in contact with you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Bank Of America Cons: Overall failure for a good long term customer, Presumption state citizens are high risk customers, State citizen discrimination, Abusive and deceptive practices during signing deposit agreement, Never disclosing all detrimental clauses on deposit agreement.

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How can I contact you? I had my accounts closed by BofA as well.

Their reason for doing so was that they didn’t like the business I am involved in. I’m looking to start a class action lawsuit.


Actually, you are very lucky to see the backside of this monster mega bank. Try a small, community bank. If you contact a lawyer for this doomed lawsuit, bring at least $10,000 and expect to spend several hundred thousand.


I will be filing all of my own briefs and pleadings....won't need an attorney.

So they will be spending a lot...I will not be spending hardly anything....except filing fees...and jury fees....which is fine.

I have been waiting for years...for anyone to violate me the way they did. I hoped it would not be them...I actually thought they would protect their customer, especially how well we managed the account....but none of that means anything...if they are willing to break the law in order to do what they time to fight for our rights and make them pay.


Would love to hear from you sandro @20atm dot com

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