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Update by user Apr 29, 2013

After almost 3 months and 2 weeks I finally got my full refund. There are people in Bank of America that they care; I hate to be politically correct because I think it is all B.S.

So I am going to say it... all the white people that I meet about my issue in bank of America they truly cared about my problem and helped.

All the Spanish people I reached for help in BofA they didn’t help and made my problem worst. The lady that caused the delay on my loan and made me missed my deadline was Spanish; her boss that even didn’t replied to my emails was Spanish as well.

I am sorry to say it but this is the truth.

I am myself an immigrant here so don't think I am saying this because I am against immigration but if you come to this country respect the traditions and people. Texas was part of Mexico but thank god today it is not.

Update by user Apr 04, 2013

After almost 2 months, Bank of America contacted me and they agreed to give me a refund. I don't know if they really are in process of giving me a refund or this is just another way to make me quite for a while.

I will not give up on my refund; I work hard for my money. I will update if I get my refund or not.

Update by user Mar 13, 2013

I sent a letter and email to managers in BofA and no one is replying to my emails. I guess this is how they make their money by cheating their customers. I have closed my account with them now, and will advise everyone not to work with BofA especially if they want to get some kind of loan.

Original review posted by user Mar 06, 2013

I am a bank of America customer; I applied for a house loan on Jan.-15-2013.

Before applying for the loan I told my loan officer (patricia.m.kanuha@***.com) that my closing date is going to be on March 1st-2013.

Around two weeks before my closing date, I got emails from (leticia.machado@***.com) sending me documentation, asking me to sign those papers with my name spelled wrong on all papers, I emailed her back to ask her to correct my name and it took her one week to do so, one week before my closing date she is asking me for my W2 forms.

In short, I am very disappointed with bank of America, I called (Mr. Ramzy M. Sabbara) who is the manager to ask him to rush the process because I was very concern about my loan and it was getting closer to my closing date and nothing was done, he (Mr. Ramzy Sabbara, 281-517-****) totally ignored my phone calls and never returned any of my phone calls.

They were never able to meet my closing date, I lost $675 because of the appraisal fees and documentation fees to Bank of America. The seller asked me to change my lender because he could not wait longer for Bank of America to get their acts together otherwise I would have lose my earnest money as well.

I am writing this so people know what is going on at BofA and how a manager (Mr. Ramzy Sabbara) is ignoring his customers so everyone know what is going on and how they are treating customers at Bank of America. We have decided to close our account with Bank of America and I have asked them to give my $675.00 back since Bank of America could not meet my closing date and I had to change my lender.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Loan.

Monetary Loss: $675.

Location: Dallas, Texas

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You know Devil, I never put you down. I simply gave you good advice that you took exception to.

Truth hurts sometimes I know. But sometimes, you have to suck it up and understand that you screwed up. Just because the bank is giving you a refund does not in any way mean they are wrong. It means they want to get the *** rid of you.

I am willing to bet you will never get a loan through any BOA after this. Banks blacklist bad customers.

And you are the epitome of a bad customer. Oh, and go hang.

@Andrea Ahw

You are a little crazy I think, I wish I could meet you, I like to meet crazy people they make me laugh. Yes, you are right they will never give me a loan but again, I ended up purchasing my rental property with cash so I don't need a loan I have enough money to buy more rental properties.

Beside I closed my platinum account with them so in any case I don’t want to do business with cheaters. Now I just have to think about my taxes next year since I will not get a tax break for any loans.


Buying and selling houses for over 20 years, I know enough about the process to never attempt a loan less than 3 months before a closing. These days, banks are even tighter on lending, so you should have been prepared with ALL paperwork to have on time.

Did you work with a realtor? Did they not explain ALL items that the bank would need???

@Andrea Ahw

Do you work in BofA? That is why you gave my complain a BS?

45 days was not enough for closing? If it was not enough why they accepted when I told them I have to close in 45 days?

Why they didn’t tell me in 45 days we cannot close? it is too easy to blame customer in BofA I guess.... that is how they do business by cheating their customers.

@devillarin D

Why would you ask if I work for Bank of America? No, I am a pharmacy tech. But thank you for the compliment. Did you somehow miss the part where I said I have been buying houses all my life and working with realtors who explain all the details so there are no issues later?

Had you worked with a realtor worth a *** they would have explained the closing not only hinges on YOUR paperwork, but also the seller's paperwork, the type of loan, and the type of sale. If it was a short sale, closings can be delayed up to 6 months, which has nothing to do with the bank. The bank WANTS you to close. They do NOT make money UNTIL you close. So do not blame the bank for closing delays.

And I gave you a BS because you failed to understand how closings work, and blame the bank for things out of their control. Basically, your complaint is against the wrong entity.

@Andrea Ahw

you better stick to you pharmacy stuff and get lost.

@Andrea Ahw

Why Devil, truth hurt? Next time you buy a house, know what the heck you are doing.

@Andrea Ahw

Get lost and go hang yourself people like you are a waste of oxygen

@Andrea Ahw

LadyScot presents himself as Mr. Knowitall about every business in the United States.

Don't believe a t hing he posts.

He's a liar. Look up his previous posts.

@Andrea Ahw

Waste of Oxygen (LadyScot) I am getting a refund, Bank of America admitted that they were wrong. In your face go hang yourself now.

Instead of supporting people and giving them supporting advice you put people down.

What happened when you were a kid your parents did something bad to you. Really go hang yourself.

@devillarin D

I totally agree with devillarin..They do not have any sense of professionalism. I spoke with Frances Sara Jaramillo of the San Antonio branch.

She asked me to fax documents, which I did. I called her to confirm she had recieved them. This was almost two weeks ago. (Mind you, we had gone back and forth for weeks about terms and interest rates because we have excellent credit and thought they were being unfair with the rate they were offering.

I finally agreed to a higher rate just because I didn't want to deal with any other bank's BS. )

So I then decide to call customer service to see if they could get a hold of her. I had even started to worry she was sick or had a family emergency.BofA could not get a hold of her either... They gave me her supervisor's name and number.

I have left voice mails for the past 3 days and have received no response or calls from her supervisor either..seriously, how long does it take to just call some one back and give an explaination! I should have run from the first minute I suspected they were not properly trained. Initially, I was doing research for her!

She kept saying " I'll ask my supervisor about that, and you keep researching and tell me if you find anything". SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO MY INTUITION :eek

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