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I paid a company $4000.00 to do a modification in march of 2009.I after 8 months of battle complained to Jerry Brown a general attorney for Ca.Then the manager of my paid independent co. took over of the process.Now I find out from my co-workers that B of A has been denying all modifications unless all past monies are paid .But even if they where paid they lied and did not do the modifications.

Beware!File for Bankruptcy . Does anyone know of an honest Lawyer in Northern Ca.B of A are Liars please write Obamas web site to let him know .

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Manager.

Monetary Loss: $320.

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Why write to Obama's website? Do you really think anyone reads these emails or even cares.

What has been done so far for other than the wealthy - Banks, Corporations, Washington etc. Washington allowed it, Washington bailed them out even when they didn't need it, and the country will be rebuilt on the backs of the havenots.