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First of all, my complaint is not the online service. But I have no other title more appropiate that indicate in the mail.

My first language is not English. So I apologize for my English handwriting. I would like to say that today I felt outraged when I was served by the customer service. Since I opened my bank account I have not stopped to have drawbacks.

I come from Cuba, I'm Hispanic. I received about 4 cards in less than two years to verify my status in the United States. All information that required me on the bank I have sent. And yet today I received another letter in which they ask for more information.

When I call to customer service, I waited 30 minutes on hold and the call finally fell. After calling back, the person who answered almost called me ***. She tried to give me an absurd explanation about the roles that I'm still getting. I would like to say I am a legal person in this country.

My father is a US citizen, his entire family has lived here ever since. Sometimes I feel that being Hispanic discriminate me and today I felt humiliated.Never anyone in my family had requested verify such information. My husband and friends are Cubans like me, none of them has received many letters of verification. I'm feeling you are violating my privacy.

I came to live in a free and democratic country, I felt that I was not treated me fairly. I have other bank accounts and no other bank has asked me much information. The person who checked me on the phone today humbled me, she treated me like I was uneducated. She put me on hold and while I talked to my husband interrupted my conversation and begins to argue with me.

Her information and her explanation did not resolve my doubts.But they increased my fears to feel I'm being insulted. I had never been heard in worst way before in my life . That was the worst customer service I've had in two years that I live in America.I asked for another phone number so I could call and file a complaint and she deceived me. She gave me the phone number of another department.

The young man who answered my call in that department was more cordial. He explained to me that I did not have any problems in my account. He did not take note of my complaint. He just told me that I had no problems.

All this leaves me more doubts now. Why I received a letter requesting more information?The departments of Bank of America do not share information? Why question me in a department and request information while another tells me that everything is fine? Why not take note of complaints from a customer to whom provided with a dreadful service?

Bank of America today really disappoint me. I have lost the confidence in this institution.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Go to another bank. This is what Americans do. If a bank displeases us, we go to another bank.

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