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I got a letter on May 6th saying "your accounts listed above will be restricted from use in 50 days and permanently closed 60 days from the date of this notice"

Initially I thought this was a scam or a hoax because my wife and I have had an active checking account with BOA for over 20 years and a thriving business/merchant account since 2017. We have exceptional credit ratings in the 800's, have never gone overdrawn, missed a credit card payment etc etc etc.

So I called the number on the bottom of the letter and finally ended up with this idiot (Jesus 844 253 3707 - naming and shaming here deliberately 'cos these people need to be called out). He came out with "We're closing your account because we believe BOA can no longer meet your business banking needs and just as you have the right to close an account so do we" - WHAT???? I have never complained about BOA not being able to fulfill my bankings needs so what is all this about? I said I wanted to talk to his boss because this is obviously a mistake - He then told me he was the Account Manager for my account and there was nobody else to talk to.

So I said well if that is the case then you must have been the one to make this decision to close my account, so you can give me a reason why. Needless to say he just went back to the script, so I lost it a bit and said 'you're not an account manager you're just a mouthpiece for a s**thole bank' and hung up. Have arranged a confrontation at my local branch next week, who helped me and actively encouraged me to set up my Business Account with them. Be interesting to see how that goes.

I just cannot believe that an institution like this can treat people this way. If I had been dissatisfied with the bank I would have communicated that to them and at least given them the opportunity to remedy the situation, but for them to just decide that they want to dump me for no reason and not give any kind of explanation is a disgrace. And laughably I said will this apply to my older personal account?

He said no, so you can imagine what I said they could do with all of my other accounts! AND even more stupid 3 weeks ago I got a call from BOA small business, asking me if I was interested in obtaining a business loan!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Bank Of America Cons: Them treating me like dirt.

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Just for you folks out there, (if any of you are interested), they did close out my account with no further communication. They just cut me right off.

And to add insult to injury there was still a positive balance which they withdrew and secreted away somewhere. When I phoned them up and asked what happened to that, they would not talk to me because the account no longer existed!! I had knowingly left that money in there to pay off what I owed on my BOA Merchant Account, so when the latter tried to pull the balance that I owed, it got thrown back and I got an email saying "we have been unable to bill for your merchant services". I replied saying "not my fault people, ask your BOA colleagues where my balance is, because I can't locate it - maybe you can?

If you can find it, you can take what I owe you". Needless to say no reply to this, except for a further demand on 1st August. Yesterday I spent one and a half hours on the phone trying to settle this, and got pretty much nowhere, because after talking to 3 different departments they tried to re-direct me to collections, but they had closed for the day! And BTW, they tell me that they have snail mailed me a check for the balance I had left!

In the meantime I opened new accounts with Wells Fargo - needless to say after all their bad press lately they welcomed me with open arms, and so far I have to say compared to BOA it's like chalk and cheese.

BUT NEVER TRUST A BANK. That is the statutory lesson I have learned from this experience!


Unbelievable. I was going to open a business account with them. No longer.


Move on... "Let it go".

Plenty of other banks out there. BOA not worth the aggravation.


Close All accounts and flip them the finger.. Move on


Are you kidding..."Confrontation" is one of the top reasons a bank will shut you down. "if you have acted abusively towards bank staff." The second you flipped out on the phone, you probably eliminated all chances of getting your account reinstated.

Your "confrantation" won't end well for you. It won't get you reinstated and could result in you having the police called. The best use of your time is to run out and open a new bank account somewhere else before this hits Chex System Speaking of which, have you pulled your Chex System report? If not, do so now and look for errors.

If there are any, correct them as soon as possible. Again, your next move shouldn't be to show up at a branch to thump your chest.

Your best move is to get a new bank account Right Now!!! Or get used to banking off of a Pre-Paid card.


Hey - I'm not in chest thumping mode and I am English so not going to pull a gun on anyone or start a fight. I am 70 years old and do not do well with confrontation, but I do know an idiot when I talk to one.

All I wanna do at the local branch is ask them to help me understand why BOA are doing this. I am going to be cut off at the knees if they close my Business account, and it is going to cost me big time. I also have a Merchant Account with them and have digital POS systems that are linked to BOA which will I assume automatically shut off when the account is closed. That means I can't take credit card payments anymore unless I have a back up.

And I know the POS system software is linked to BOA and probably is not transferable to another Bank, as I found out a couple years back when I transferred my account from SunTrust to BOA (at their recommendation), so I may have to end up buying the same POS yet again but via another Bank, all of which is going to cost me, not them.

Thanks for the tip about Chex System. I will look that up ASAP.


I got my credit card cancelled by BOA without notice and 2 months later I got an invitation thru the mail to apply for a BOA credit card- what a screwed up bank!!


You were lucky that BOA gave you a warning notice. I found out that they cancelled my credit card when I was trying to pay a restaurant bill.

Anyone doing business with BOA should be aware. Fool me once shame on you shame me twice shame on me!!

You have been warned!! Do your homework on BOA customer care its the worst in the industry beating out Wells Fargo which I may say is pretty hard to do!

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