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Customer for 25 years. Gave a card w line $40k line I haven’t used for years.

Asked to have line transferred to travel rewards card I would actually use. 6 calls - 2 hours-2 weeks later am told I have to apply for a card — stupid company! Why just move the line - seriously!

Perhaps soneone is being paid to sell new products instead of servicing consumers (ala Wells Fargo). I am done!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Credit Card.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Yes a stupid company on customer service. Had a credit card for over 8 years where they unilaterally raised my credit limit to $20K.

I called to asked them if they could reduce my credit line to $5K so I can manage my credit rating (i.e., trying to reduce my revolving credit exposure). They said I had to open a new account. I said ok, but when I cancelled my old credit line and opened a new account they said the maximum allowable credit line for a new account is $2.5K. I said I had a $20K credit line before and now only asking for a credit line of $5K!

BOA required me to open a new account. She said nope, I could only get an intial $2.5K line of credit because it was a new account and it was their policy that new accounts only have an initial $2.5K limit.

You can't fight STUPID. Needless to say I went to another credit card service.

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