Hello and good afternoon. At some point / a few months back I was suspended from being Abel to have & account with your bank and from any bank in the world for something I didnt even do.

Im a eBay seller who sold about 6 items and received a check for the items. I deposited the check into my once had account and not once did I even try to remove the money. The next day or so when I went to check my account. It was deemed fraud.

Ive been reaching out to you guys in any and every way. Ive even sent in proof to your corporate address. Ive even wrote check systems and they said they cant do nothing without you guys permission to remove this. My son is on disability and he really needs a bank account.

This has ruined me in so many ways I cant even describe. Ive never had this happen nor have I ever committed bank fraud of any kind. I was a complete victim in this situation.

Can someone please contact me regarding this matter. Thank you.

User's recommendation: Don’t deposit a check without getting it looked at from a bank official first.

Location: Amherst, Massachusetts

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