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Update by user Jan 18, 2012

Date of service is actually 1/4/2012 (not 1/4/2010 as originally posted). Thanks.

Original review posted by user Jan 18, 2012

At first, I just needed to cash paychecks from my employer who uses Bank Of America (BOA) and BOA charged me a service charge every time I needed to cash my paychecks (the bank name of my paychecks is BOA mind you!) with my SSN and a finger print!! Ok, no problem.

I put up with that sharade for about 3 paychecks. Then I said to myself I'll just make things easier and open an account there. Went into Needham branch on Chestnut Street and opened an e-Checking account. The next day I'm informed that my account needs to be closed because I have a negative balance of $39.99 at another bank and that my funds will be FROZEN until further notice.

I went to BOA and spoke with manager there, Kathy Cronis, who stated that I needed a letter from the other bank to see if my balance was taken care of. No problem, went there and got the letter done and brought it to BOA same day. Kathy Cronis stated that she will speak to her boss (Joe Sweeney) and unfreeze my funds and call me one way or another within 48 hours. No phone call came...Went into the branch about 2-3 days later and spoke with Allan who stated that he will look into it and have had me take a seat to wait to speak with Kathy Cronis.

Allan made a comment that I look "good" in a uniform and a "thank you" for your services. I never stated that I was overseas nor anything - he just assumed. I told him not to thank me. Kathy never came out and after waiting for 20 minutes Allan informed me that I've had to close my account.

I withdrew my account remainder and walked out the door; Allan thanked me again for my "services" even though I stated that I do NOT need to be thanked. After checking my mail, I've noticed that there was a debit card waiting for me. Here is my question: If I'm not welcome in BOA, then why send me to previous bank to get a note stating that the previous account was taken care of, then tell me that my accounts are frozen? Why send me a check card if my account was determined to be closed??

Why embarras me in front of others by "thanking" me even though I stated not to??? I encourage ALL SERVICE MEMBERS NOT TO BANK WITH BANK OF AMERICA not only because of their outrageous fees, but for the simple fact that there is lack of communication between departments and the slaps in the face of our uniform.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Checking Account.

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