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My mortgage payments were automatically deducted from my checking account (so I would never be late). The loan was robo signed to Seterus (a debt collection agency!) and they never credited my payments to my account. What happened? Lots of phone calls, money, thousands...
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Just because it's automatic doesn't mean it will consistently go on with out a problem. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure things are still running smoothely.

Leave Bank of America. :|

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Bank Of America Checking Account
  • Withdrawal limits
  • Nobody to talk to for help
  • Fraud blocking purchases
Reason of review
Problems with payment
Last May 27th, my saving account with Bank of America was assaulted. It reflected a balance of "0" and the title of the transaction says "Hold" "Legal Order, LTS Uxxxxxxxxxxxx". When I called today to speak to a customer service, she told me that I have to call...
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Bank Of America Checking Account
  • Online ability
  • Customer service
  • Unprofessional
Reason of review
Poor customer service
Preferred solution
Dear Bank of America, you know that my direct deposits came from the Social Security for my children, and from my students loans and work study. Take this ridiculous hold from my savings account
  • Bank of America Scam
  • Scam Fraud Judgments
  • Legal Firm Scams
Bank of America's practices are designed to harm the consumer and extort as many bank fees as possible. I have been into this branch location several times. I have spoken to the branch manager and several employees each time. I have been told by the branch manager...
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Bank Of America Checking Account

Bank of America's stupidity

Whom It May Concern: Yet another reason to not get another account at BoA. On Friday of last week, I received my refund of my overpayment of my escrow account. I purchased this home in June of 2011 and told BoA that my taxes would be less than $100, as I am a disabled veteran in the State of [*], and they provide a large discount for property taxes. BoA stated that they wouldn't be able to do anything about it until my tax bill came due, and they had proof of it. No problem, I'm used to corporations feeling that they are superior to everyone, and that no one they deal with has a shred of decency or honesty...particularly bankers, as they tend to spend time around other bankers and see such traits. BoA further stated that they wouldn't send my tax payment to the county until they received the bill. In October, I received my tax statement (showing I owed $61.00 in taxes...that is not a misprint, it is sixty-one) and dutifully sent it to BoA (expecting them to receive it three days after I sent it...after all, BoA states the same thing about anything THEY send). Apparently, in my ignorance, I didn't send it certified mail. In December, my wife sent an email asking if BoA had received the tax statement, and paid the taxes. BoA claimed they did not receive the statements, but without ANY documentation of any kind, decided to send the full amount in my escrow ($3800+) to the county. They further stated that if I wanted the overage to be returned, I would have to deal with the county. So, I called the county. They stated that if they received an overage, they would cash the check, apply whatever is required to my tax bill, and then send a letter to BoA asking them what to do with the overage. BoA would then fill out a form, send it back to the County, and request the overage be sent to them. The County would then send the money back to BoA (presumably, BoA would not receive it, but just in case they did), BoA would then eventually issue me a check. That scenario was entirely unacceptable, so I called BoA, and spoke to a gentleman named [*], who took ownership of the problem. He corrected my tax bill, he corrected my escrow to reflect the correct amount of my taxes, and managed to get the refund check to me on Friday, Dec 23. So now, I took the check to the local BoA branch. After having to prove my identify through four pieces of ID, my wife and I got the check cashed. Only to be told, that because we don't have a checking account with BoA, we would be charged six dollars. Now six dollars isn't going to break me, but let me point something out to you. BoA has my mortgage of $195,000 (not by my choice, but BoA bought it from someone else, and presumably felt they could make a profit off of it). The interest rate on the mortgage is five percent. Over the life of the mortgage, BoA will PROFIT nearly $100,000. Further, we have a credit card with BoA. Its interest rate about 9%. We use that regularly, and rarely pay off the monthly balance. On top of all that, you kept my additional tax payment (of $3800) in escrow for six months...not paying interest to me on it. So here's what's bugging me. You can take the six dollar service fee, and stuff it so far up your ***, that it comes out your throat. You can further be assured, that in the interest of full disclosure, I will contact every person I know, pass by, or can contact through email, telephone, telegraph, carrier pigeon, smoke signal, or hieroglyphics, and let them know my opinion of Bank of America.
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Bank Of America Checking Account

Bank Of America fee Scam

Anyone that has a checking account with Bank of America watch your account closely for fees that shouldn't be. The advantage checking account fees are supposed to be waived if you carry over a certain balance. My mortgage balance alone covered that, however BOA changed my mortgage loan number then started charging me fees. Even after bringing it to there attention, they have the new loan number linked to my checking account so it won't happen again, but hey why aren't they crediting my account for there past mistakes to the tune of $20.00? My guess is that everyone got a new loan number at the start of the year & when you got thousands of customers falling under balance and getting hit with $20 fees, its a big chunk in their pocket
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Bank Of America Checking Account


Bank of America put holds on your own money whenever they want to. And even know there is a check in the bank being held, they return any check you have going through and charge you a $35.00 returned check fee even know your own money is in there bank but, they have decided to put a hold on it. Rip off scam if I have ever seen one before. Now wonder why they can't take care of there own employees, how do you expect them to take care of there customers.......SCAM ARTISTS.....BEWARE.....Don't bank here unless you like giving away money that you work hard for......
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I've been through the same thing with BOA, several times. This time $300 in overdraft fees and they aren't done yet...looks like more tomorrow.

They posted a check that went through on 4/20/09 before a DEBIT where I used my pin code on 4/17. They love to steal from their customers!


Why would you think a bank owned by China would give a *** about Americans???? You didn't do your home work.

You should not do business with any bank that is not owned by America. Even if you have to stay with a Credit Uniion. It is your own faults. Just like all these consumers who do business with Corporations that bring in goods from out of the Country.

You are selling America out. Wake up!! You get what you ask for!!!!! We are way over due for a REVOLUTION IN THIS COUNTRY!

! !



My mother used this bank. And had all of the same problems as the other ppl on this site.

The thing they did most was... Ok on Monday Lets say she has $35 in her account (I know we are poor :{ ) Ok then she deposits a $1000 check on Tuesday :D.Then on Thursday the $1000 Check still not cleared. She deposits the $100 Rent check from her tenets on Friday. (She gets screwed from her tenet's home owners accociation too!) Saturday Is her automatic car payment or $600.

And the $1000 check still hasn't cleared. BUT!!! The $100 check cleard. Now she has overdrafted because of that.

Now its a $35 dollar fee. Is this not crazy or what?

This is all using the automatic *** on the internet account. BoA is a scam.

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Bank Of America Checking Account

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