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Onewest Bank and Indymac. The fraud perpetrated upon the American people by the shut down and sale of Indymac to Onewest Bank needs a class action lawsuit filed against the perpetrators.....Did you know that when Onewest forecloses on your Indymac loan( and they would rather do that than negotiate) they get the foreclosure sale price minus Original Loan amount reimbursed to them in Stimulus $$? This is causing the entire house value system to suffer, because these lenders don't care what they sell your house for at foreclosure sale. Watch this video http://www.thinkbigworksmall.com/mypage/player/tbws/23088/1014789 It will explain how foreclosure is very profitable for Onewest bank and Bank of America acquiring all the Countrywide loans.

These lenders don't care that they could sell the house for more $$. I've seen them ignore realtor offers and sell at foreclosure for $100,000 less that the realtor offer.

Stimulus money is being paid to the acquiring lenders. Onewest Bank (who is partially owned by Mike Dell, Dell computers) and Bank of America.

We need a class action suit against these folks. Know of any attorneys intersted in the fight?

Come on people, don't be fish in warm water--they keep gradually turning up the heat and we are all going to die.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Mortgage.

Monetary Loss: $450.

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My mother was sick with cancer living in the house and they told me I was qualified for a loan modification. I did everything they said I needed to do.

I even made three payments on a trail base and yet they did not keep their promise.

They still foreclosed on me leaving me nowhere to go with my mother. What is this world coming to be?


Interest in joining class action lawsuit against indymac/onewest. I was told and given approval for a mod, then about about a month after, they called and said that they needed to void mod an have me placed into another program.


Do you know of anybody that was able to modidy twice with Indymac.


If you really want to fight these guys then contact steve@endlessfrauddetection.com to see just how to do that. First stop by the website endlessfrauddetection.com to learn just how we can truly receive remedy based on the fraud in our individual mortgage contracts.

No two are alike and one may have 17 violations while another will have 6. If you want to fight do it with more weight.

The website will help you learn just what you need to know about fighting these banksters. Now lets take back this country one home at a time.