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Update by user Nov 14, 2012

They still insist that charging me $35.00 5 times the next day

is \"JUSTIFIED\" No It is NOT!!!

Original review posted by user Nov 14, 2012

Should NOT Happen, we put money in the bank for it to be save, NOT Wasted/Miss Used/ETC.

There is no no reason for this ***!

They charged me the next day 5 Times $35.00 for transactions that took place

the previous day.

Obama Bails Out the banks that don't know how to manage their own money, Then they turn around and build branches they don't need, branches that are in the same County/City/Town/Etc.

When I opened a bank account with these folks I never Agreed on paying $35.00 for Over Draft.

Now la de da, I am on the Phone with a Inept Manager

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Account.

Monetary Loss: $311.

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Funny, you never actually explain the issue or say you didn't overdraw your account, apparently you're just ticked about the fees that it seems YOU incurred. How is that BoA's fault?

Want to avoid overdraft fees?



Your mistake is in banking with BOA. They are not the most reliable place to do business with.

Not having any details, however it is difficult to judge the veracity of your complaint. More particulars would help.

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