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My family member passed away this month. I was listed as Beneficiary on checking and 401k.

I walked in the branch with death certificate. The representative said I'm listed as Beneficiary. (In their computer system). I seen it myself as well.

Myself , and the representative, then called Estate Servicing. They claim they don't see any beneficiary at all! We told them to check again. She said the same thing.

I was told my elderly parent didn't sign a signature card after they made me beneficiary. But they were never asked to do so when adding me, nor did anything come in the mail to sign. Shouldn't all their systems have the same information?! Bills are behind now.

They locked the account without notice and the mortgage comes out the checking account. Til this date, I've had no contact with Estate Servicing, after I called them about the accounts. I was going to transfer the money to another BOA account before all this. But no thank you!

Now I have to go to probate and it is not my fault! I am about to probably lose my parents house waiting on probate. I also had my husband add me as Beneficiary on his BOA account online as my dad did prior to his death, and it never asked him to sign anything.

It just stated he updated his checking beneficiary to my name. I'm ticked off!

Bank Of America Pros: Long wait.

Bank Of America Cons: Long waite times on the phone, Having an account closed and losing a large deposit and client.

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