Chimayo, New Mexico
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I just discovered the IRS put a levy on my account. I am in noncollectable status being totally disabled.

Bof A chat through online banking with an IRS agent on my land line phone. Bof A would not give me the fax number for release of the levy. IRS agent waiting. No number.

Then gave me a state number I can call tomorrow. It is not an 800 number and I do not have long distance on my phone. Still trying to get the fax number.

Now on hold with the generic Bof A number ... Will have to wait on hold for an IRS agent who knows what they are doing.

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Seriously, it all depends on the agent you get. I spoke with an irs agent today who already knew the fax number of the levy department at bofa.

The number is 415-796-1240 for Northern California. I found the number from this site, but verified it through online chat with bofa. I just asked for the levy department fax number and they gave it to me.

I did not mention the irs at all to them. Hope this helps someone.