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jeannie won, manager of laguna beach band o america is the most arrogant, rude, power-hungry employee that i have ever met at bank of america! i have banked there since 1986!

time to change home banks!

the laguna beach branch is a big training center with revolving door employees. all managers in the past have given service that exceeds expectation. the bank that the check that i was trying to deposit guaranteed the check was good and the money was there to make the check, she wouldn't even call to confirm, wouldn't come out of her office until i wouldn't leave without talking to her.

worst treatment in 20 years!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Manager.

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Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #1326

Why did this website **** out the word B-U-C-K as in Pass the buck? See previous comment of mine....

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #1325

I was recently let go from my position as a CSR at a BOA credit card call center. Yes, my monitored statistics kept me from remaining in good employ with BOA, although I had received accolades when I was employed with Fleet, before the merger.

They wanted us to limit our phone talk time to an AHT(average handling time) of 214 seconds per call. I was used to servicing the customer to the best of my capability with Fleet, and tried to maintain the same level of service with BOA after the merger, but my AHT was 300 seconds per incoming phone call. I was told by a coach that there was such a thing as being "too helpful to the customers." My other stats were perfectly acceptable. But I was treated as a "digruntled employee" although my disposition reflected someone who tried their best.

(I was frustrated with my inability to lower my AHT.) I was very loyal, called my manager if I rarely was to be late due to traffic or weather, and did not abuse the system. To manage their AHT at an acceptable level (the 214 secs) I found that many customers were just being blindly transferred by CSR's so the CSRs wouldn't suffer high avg. handling times. I felt uncomfortable giving customers "short shrift" and suffered for it.

CSR's were encouraged to keep the phone calls as short as possible. The pressure at that center was extremely high for the pay, the morale low, the turnover high, and the rate of retaining their best employees was extremely low. They fired 11 managers in one day. Later on a higher-up had visited the site, and found the morale to be low.

I had to chuckle to myself. The higher ups were very out of touch with the CSR's. There was never any acknowledgement of the difficulty of this job.

The only way these team managers/CSR's keep their jobs is by passing the buck.( No pun intended)

So, unless you have a great deal of high volume accounts with Bank of America ( you heard it from a former employee), I'd say bank at a credit union or at a smaller financial concern. This bank really doesn't value its majority of customers, although they'll beg (pun intended) to differ.

to Former BOA CSR #686248

I have experenced this. BoA paid the wrong insurance company $1200 and would not correct the error and inposed its insurance when mine was cancled.

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