Dallas, Texas
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Bank Of America closed my account 1 day before my social security direct deposit was issued . Made me wait 14 days while they issued a cashier check they refused to cash.

Could not get my medicine.Almost evicted from my apt. I could not pay my bills, rent , car payment etc. Cost me hundreds of dollars in late fees. It has been a total nightmare .

I hope no one else ever has to go through this.My advice is to keep your money anywhere but there.The stress of this has literally made me ill. I had to cash the check at av ace cash express that charged me one hungred dollars.

the late fees on my apt. were 150 dollars It will take me months to get caught up

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Account.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Yeah, this post it BS. First of all, YOU'RE the one who decided to deposit a fradulent check. Don't use your bank account to do transactions for obviously shady people and you lose it.

And no car company I know would charge someone $50 for missing a car payment. If you miss a payment, you owe two payments next time and if you miss enough payments they just repo the car.

If BOA issued you a cashier's check, then they would have cashed it for you even if you had your account closed; they would have just charged you $6 I think.

And btw, it must be nice to just live off the government tit. Get a real *** job. You didn't lose your money, you lost MY tax money.


I'm sorry you feel that way .the bank closed my account because i tried to deposit a check someone had given me and they said it was fraudulent. my late fees for my apt are 50.00 after the third of the month and ten dollars a day after that the late fee on my car payment was 50.00.

my apt put threatening notices on my door but not actually begin eviction. ace cash express charges 6 percent to cash a cashiers check since I no longer have a checking account and needed the cash immediately I had no choice 6% of 1650.00 is 96.00 dollars then 3.00 dollars to deposit into a net spend account So your right it wasn't 100.00 it was 99.00 dollars, I did exaggerate .


This post is TOTAL BS!!! Why did BOA close your account?

NO ONE is going to evict you for only being 2 weeks late on rent. What apt is going to charge you $150 late fee? You are a total *** if (I dont believe it) you paid $100 to get a bank cashiers check cashed.

Again, this post is cr@P!! Get a life looser.