Little Elm, Texas

B of A has consistently charges us late fees even when the mortgage was on time. Interest was charged on top of that, then they took our payments and applied them to the bogus late fees.

I have sent receipts over 10 times, and finally after 2 years, they reimbursed most of the late fees, but did not re-amortize the loan from the point of their mistake, and are consistently charging fees on top of fees. You can't talk with anyone, they are all in California, and you have to leave a message. They sent me a letter stating I needed to call someone, and the phone number is the same on I've been leaving messages on for over 10 weeks. No wonder people are walking away from their homes.

This is very frustrating.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Mortgage.

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Moberly, Missouri, United States #620902

:( We have had the same problem. Never late on our mortgage, gigged with late fees.

The first time it happened we called them and they claimed they had not received our check. We stopped payment on the check and wrote another. Once we informed them that we had done this, they immediately and magically found our original payment!

Which, of course, was never missing in the first place since they were engaging in fraud.

Throwing a Bank of America *** down a flight of stairs until there is nothing left but hair, teeth, and eyeballs is on my bucket list. Seriously, after being defrauded and gigged by you crooked *** repeatedly, I'm ready to commit murder.


I have gotten two refunds for late charges I paid just to be charged again. The rep went back a full year on payments and I had no late fees due. Now they say I owe $100 in late fees and I don't.

Boonville, New York, United States #227285

Yes, I have been making my payments and even got a permanent modification but that hasn't changed anything, they still report me as late and threaten foreclosure.

There is no one to call and talk to about it you just get transferred until you get tired and give up.


The same thing just happened to me. I made the payment over the phone with a live person he assured me there were no late fees.

Then I get a letter in the mail saying I have been charged a $91 late fee. I called immediately and as soon as I told the girl exactly what happened she immediately apologized and credited the charge without further question.

I guess they are just trying to see who falls for it. I HATE BANK OF AMERICA!!!

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