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Bank of America, with whom both of my parents held accounts, demonstrates exceptionally poor customer service. When my father passed in 2015, I accompanied my mother to our local branch to file documents, such as a beneficiary letter of request along with providing copies of my fathers death certificate, in an effort to have his remaining account balance transferred to her account.

As the weeks went by with no response from BOA, we discoverd that BOA employees, displaying their inherent incompetency, had faxed all of our private, highly senstive documents to the wrong location, where they were ultimately left to sit on someones desk. After this error was discovered, we then underwent another never ending round of calls to the BOA estate unit, where although everyone continously assured us that they were "so sorry for our loss," they apparently had no problem whatsoever keeping my fathers money from my mother, the rightful beneficiary. It ultimately took us close to four months to receive the funds, leaving us with a very negative opinion of BOA's "customer service." To avoid experiencing similiar problems in relation to my mothers financial affairs, my mother and I went to our local BOA branch to notify them of my legal status as her POA in the fall of 2015 and I was designated as her beneficiary. When she passed last month, I returned to the branch with a copy of the death certificate and requested that I be provided a beneficary request document to complete, which they insisted would have to be mailed to me.

This should have been my first indictation that this experience was not going to be any easier than that which we experienced in regards to my father, as I insisted to the BOA employee that the form should be accessible on his computer, and would he therefore just print one out for me. Sighing and eye rolling commenced as he labored to print me out the form I needed to complete my claim, after which, God forbid, I asked him if he could please fax it to the appropriate parties for immediate review. This unecessarily lengthy and involved transaction took longer than one hour, as the employee left the room repeatedly to consult with co-workers; perhaps he didnt know where the fax machine was, or how to use it. In the ensuing weeks, I called the Estate Unit several times to enquire about the status of my claim, only to be told that the "reclaimations team" would review the request any day now.

Later I called only to find out it had not been reviewed, and no one had been assigned to do so. On yet another call, I was transferred in error to the "recovery department," where I was told that the phone call was "an attempt to collect a debt," which was outrageous as neither I or my mother owed any debt to BOA whatsoever. When I threatened to escalate my concerns to executive customer relations, I was finally transfered to a supervisor who assured me that the "check was going in the mail," and that I could expect it on Monday, signature required. I took the day off of work on Monday to await the check, only to be told by the Estate Unit that it was, in fact, going to be delivered on Wednesday instead.

Sorry about that, oh and by the way sorry for your loss. Now, it is Wednesday, and I have been told by the Estate Unit that I would not be receiving the package, signature required, until Thursday, and of course during this phone call I was disconnected. BOA did not call me back even though I was disconnected due to their error, I would therefore be expected to call them yet again, wait anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes for someone to answer the phone, and begin my story all over again.

Oh sorry about that, and we're so sorry for your loss. Sure you are, BOA, sure you are.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Banking Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $320.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Bank Of America Cons: Inability to reach competent staff to resolve a claim.

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We are going through something similar at B of A . My parents died within 6 months of each other.

We have both death certificates and I'm the only person listed in trust . I am now waiting for a court order to go through next month , which we had to almost 4 Months to get court date. After talking to a branch manger that knew me and my parents for years, he said it won't really matter because the legal team has to review it.

The amount of money in the account is too much to release it to me he said. I will pull every cent out of Bank of America when this is done.


the same thing is happening to me right now. Bank of America is wasting my time, as the amount of money in the account is being eaten away by their monthly costs.



Well surprise I'm in the same boat with the same issues. Bank of America is a joke and honestly I can't wait for them to be held accountable

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