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i fell behind on my payments but have been caught up for over 6 months now. b of a is still reporting me late and i call every month when i get my billing statement and spend hours on the phone only to here that it will be fixed by the next months statment.

next month comes and still the same problem (6 months people.) guess they think there gona punish me for being late and there is nothing i can do.i wish i was a lawer and could sue them for all the stress the are causeing me. they have done so much more to me over the years that im sure is against the law but how do you fight them. i really wish some one would do something about them they really are cheating people they are a rotten company and im ashamed they represent america.

if oboma wanted to get the peoples suport he could shut them down. ask any one who has done business with them and they will tell you they hate them all the people cant be wrong.

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They have been doing the same with me. I actually paid the whole due amount in 2 separate payments within the month due but they still reported me late 30 days.

The following month I paid the whole amt on time but they did the same reporting me late 30 days. Every month I call and they keep me on the phone for over an hour only to find out the next month they haven't fixed the problem.

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