Wow, where do I start- Our experience with this "Bank" could probably be a best seller. We have tried for 4 years (yes) you read that right- FOUR YEARS to get a modification with them- They have lost our mod papers over 20 times (probably over 30 I'm showing grace with estimating a lower number) We've spent Thousands of dollars and THOUSANDS of hours trying to get a home loan modification.

I became disabled in 2009, our income dropped significantly and we started the process in early 2010- Month after month we would get "we're sorry we can't locate what you sent in (or) "we never received the paperwork" (altho) we had tracking numbers showing they did- and or fax receipts Then the REAL games started Transferring us from department to department and with each "transfer" a new modification package was required to be sent in- When they saw that we were going to be faithful and follow through with submitting our pleas for help- they changed the "game" on us and started telling us that they were no longer our "servicer" so there was nothing they could do- and tell us to contact them in a few weeks if we had not received something in the mail about the new servicer..... We NEVER received anything official from anyone saying they were now servicing our loan so we'd always follow up with a phone call within 30 days asking for the name of the new servicer and each time we were told "oopsie" that was an internal error and guess what? Yep- we're still your servicer BUT now you have to send in yet another modification package request because the old one won't suffice (Getting frustrated reading this yet? Just wait, it gets better) ------ Finally- we hired an attorney because they began the foreclosure process on us- We went to mediation and their atty told us that they would like to offer us a 5% mod- We were THRILLED (until) she gave us the payment amount- Now, I'm not a mathematical genius but it doesn't take much to realize that the amount they were offering was NOT 5%----- Our attorney did the calculations (while in mediation) and discovered that it was actually a 12.75% rate that they were offering.....

He brought this up to the magistrate and BOA's counsel who "apologized" and said there must have been some type of error and that she would confer with her client and get back to us in 2 weeks----- 2 weeks pass and yep you guessed it- BOA can no longer offer a 5% rate their atty "mis-spoke" --------- So please fill out new paperwork so we can get this ball rolling again....... Soooooo we did- After that we got denial after denial and appealed each decision....... Then it was time for another mediation hearing- in which the magistrate forced a BOA rep to fly in from California to negotiate with us...... That in turn did nothing but tick the BOA rep off- he (literally) told us to "Save our money because your family is going to be homeless".....

We pressed on and continued with filing for modifications..... Then, we thought our prayers would be answered.... We were approved for a State fund that helped "The hardest hit" ..... 25,000 approval- We told BOA about this- were asked to fill out (yet another mod) we did and (yep- we were denied) this went on for another 9 months (time after time denied) In May of this year the fund that was set up "went away" so the 25K was no longer available to us.....

and (yes) you guessed it- almost IMMEDIATELY BOA "approved" us for a loan modification that is $600 MORE than our original payment ----- They've also pulled my husbands credit over 30x in the last 18 months..... Some other "recent" antics ------ Appraised our home for 117K - then within 1 week appraised it again for 170K ........

Denied us for a better mod and based it on a credit score from 2010 (yes you read that right) ---- Added "home owners association fees" to the new mod when we do NOT have a home owners association...... Placed a wrong credit score (on the new mod) with an asterisk stating that if your credit score is (the number they rated my husband) it is incorrect I could go on and on BUT- I think you get the idea here--- WHY WHY WHY are these people NOT IN JAIL!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Loan Modification.

Monetary Loss: $160000.

  • Bank of America Scam
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