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A credit card customer since 1983 with a great credit rating and high income. When trying to use our credit card to purchase items and the card was declined I called Bank of America.

It took 1 hour and half on the phone taking to 3 different departments to find out that our account had been closed for not updating information per Bank Of America request. We never received any written or verbal request for updating my husbands information, that Bank of America said they had mailed and left several phone messages to contact them. We then went through the process of trying to reopen the account, and was informed that the "terms and conditions" of our account was no longer available. All these years we have accepted all their new "terms and conditions" by keeping the credit card but our credit card account is closed without our knowledge or any notification and Bank of America even billed a $25.00 yearly fee which was paid with the account that had been closed.

Bank of America has agreed to refund the $25.00 annual fee. Our conclusion is that they did not want us as a customer because we paid our statement in full and did not pay interest since their was no notification or requests from Bank of America.

No one even offered us to open a new account. Beware customers!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Credit Card.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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" did not pay interest " Well duh..... If you aren't making them money beyond the fees they charge a vendor, you are useless to them.

Why would they want to have you sitting around since '83 making them little to nothing when they can either charge you a fee or close you down and move your limit to someone who will get them paid. This is business, not personal...No on cares how long you've been with someone these days.

It just doesn't matter.. Find another way to validate yourself and you'll be fine.

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