Birmingham, Alabama
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Over 6 months ago,I applied for refinancing of my home mortgage loan with BOA.Since then,my application has been passed from one loan handler to another 4 times.I have submitted ALL requested information to BOA on more than one occassion and NOW,I get a letter requesting I resubit all this same information again.Meanwhile,my loan application sits there with nothing happening.When I contact BOA,all I ever get is a long parade of apologies, excuses and more endless delays.I've Emailed them and insisted that my loan either be processed within the next 30 days or they refund my processing fee so I can try to find someone who'll actually process my application.Is it really to much to expect them to just do the job?

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Mortgage.

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Same here, starting in Dec...still have not recieved package even though approved, taken my $480 for appraisal fee's , recieved two emails asking for same information already given to get approval, no have the title company asking for the same information...No one will return emails or phone is Jan 10...i think i am done and will move my banking elsewhere....been with BOA since 1990, two houses mortgated with them and never a late payment since day one.....and this is the service provided? not working for me...