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I have had Bank of America for almost 10 years. It was my first start again Bank account when I was going through a new start in my life.

It was a good relationship. So good, that I opened up two business accounts with them one to start my business the other to revamp my business. I also had personal accounts and my children’s account. They just gave me a notice saying they’re just gonna freeze my account in 21 days and permanently close them in 30.

They literally just close my business credit card without warning. I am a business owner that has several trucks on the road I also have a good 15 to 20 checks coming out weekly for hired help and now I have to find some kind of banking solution with in a week in order to make sure that I can get my direct deposit‘s put in my account and have the money available so I can run my business and there was no explanation whatsoever. It’s not like I keep my bank accounts negative. I bounced one check in six years and it’s just terrible the way I feel like a criminal or like I did something wrong but they won’t tell me anything.

The banking manager says there’s nothing they can do about it and they won’t even be able to get any information. It’s all done by corporate. Wow Bank of America! What a way to screw over loyal customers.

Especially the ones that been through with you guys.

When I went in the bank yesterday to speak to the manager, they said a guy before me had a business checking account with Bank of America for 25 years and they closed it just like that. No explination whatsoever.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You don't say where you are from but hopefully your town has a locally owned bank. I switched both my personal and business accounts to a locally owned bank a decade ago and haven't looked back.


This is a very poor example of a bank. Try a local, community bank or even better, a credit union.


The close accounts for suspected fraud, too many overdrafts, too many bounced checks. It’s one of the three.

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