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July 24, 2010

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President of Bank of America

Dear Mr. President,

It's been one and a half years since I contacted Bank Of America (BOA) to modify or make payment adjustments on our loan due to hardship. To this day still nothing has transpired: they claim that lost my paperwork; they are very busy; that they need more papers and more papers; and they even claimed in 120 days they will let us know if we qualified for anything.

Mr. President! Here is another example why your policy "Make Homes Affordable for the People" have failed in regards to the population who are trying to make their payments to stay in their homes. You, your Vice President, and your Press Secretary, all preach this program every time you are on the television. The truth is Mr. President; you gave Billions of dollars to the hands of the very people that got us into this mess! Instead of placing qualified professionals, Real Estate Brokers from each State, on your "Make Homes Affordable Program" committee to consult with, you sought the information from inside people to make decisions for "we the people".

Your program Mr. President has led to BOA telling us that since we are still able to keep our payments current, we are to move to the back of the line so they can concentrate on those already in default. So in essence that's what they are telling us to do, default, and get help! So here-in lies the dilemma that we are facing; either stop making our payments and receive low credit scores, in which time BOA will come back and say your credit is bad, or we walk away from our home, since with the economic crash, we have lost all our down payment of $ 180,000.00 anyway. Yes, we felt we did do the right thing! We actually put a down-payment down, our life savings, and we lost it and half of our home value as well.

My wife is employed by the State of California in the medical field, and the Governor cut her wage by almost 15% by giving her furlough days without pay. I have had a forced retirement due to the conditions of the Real Estate market with a minimum fixed rental income. The people of BOA after a year and a half told me yesterday that my file is closed because my paperwork didn't get to them on time? Seven copies later in a year and a half as per BOAs request because something wasn't received again? And after spending 100s of hours on the phone with over 20 people. (I have names, times, and dates) Now, yesterday they tell me I have to start all over again? One compounding problem; in November 2009, BOA took it upon themselves to open us an impound account for our taxes and insurance thereby increasing our payment by $1,450.00 a month, all due to our application for loan modification. Was this intended to help us?

So Mr. President, as you can see, the right hand does not know what the left hand does. On one hand they are telling us that we have to start all over again due to insufficient paperwork and our account is closed, and on the other hand they opened a impound account because we have an application in progress. These are the people Mr. President that you and your secretary, Mr. Gardner, trust with our tax dollars to help people like us, try to be good citizens and do the right thing. Your system breeds corruption.

Mr. President I am a Greek-American Immigrant; a legal one I might say. I work hard to pay my taxes, to be a good neighbor, to work hard for the last 34 years and to save some money to buy our dream home. Now due to the BOA and Countrywide's loan programs, we are in the danger of losing our home. And just as another side note, we never even signed our loan application with the countrywide agent. He did all this in our behalf! When questioned, they say that since we were putting a 20% down, we qualified automatically, so we never were shown the loan application. I have repeatedly asked the BOA people to provide me with my loan application and they continually find excuses why they cant find it.

Mr. President, as I have stated here, your programs and policies are failing because the people that you nominate to implement your programs are failing you. As a result you are failing with them, while we the people are suffering the continuances of your policies. We hope and pray that this letter comes to your attention to see it as an a wake-up call for the future of your Presidency and the future of the people throughout our great country that are suffering and are losing there homes.

If this letter ever comes across your desk or across the desk of any of your people that are on television talking about how the program works and how you all trying to help people stay in their homes, I hope you feel some shame. As for Bank of America, they too should feel ashamed for taking your stimulus and helping so few. My experience of BOA, is they purposely, repeatedly lose documents in order to deny people of help and then take their homes back. They have nothing to loose Mr. President, because these loans are insured and they will get paid; by you and by us, the taxpayers.


Constantine V Metallinos

Michelle M Metallinos

8550 Hierba Ave.

Agua Dulce Ca 91390.


Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Loan Modification.

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Seem we all have the similar stories here. Its so sad.

I was on the trial period for 14 months. After calling them and trying to get my mod permanent. They kicked me outthe program. There explanation was that my income was verified t $7,700 a month.

My income is exactly half that. Then they admited that there was an error but I would have to reapply. Upon reapplying over the phone. I was told I do not qualify.

So after 14 months of getting the run around. I decided to give up and stop paying my mortgage. Its amazing how the people on the bottom always get the short end of the stick. This country is not by the people or for the people.

Its for big business. It hurts to give up a home.

So I give up. just going to sit here until they foreclose.


I applied for a Making Home Affordable loan about 3 months ago. According to the bank it has passed the first reviewing committee.

The crazy thing is that they added my Property Taxes to the payment increasing my monthly dues. I already have a hard time making my payment and Bofa increases the payment. Now I am past due on 3 months and receiving late fees. PLus I am being trakced down by BofA payment center.

I called them telling them that they never notified me about the increase and now I am pass due and my credit is being affected.

According to BofA they are taking off the additional payment and reversing the late fees. We will see how it turns out.


Bank of America Home Loan or Retention Dept comprises of "untrained, thick faced, disorganized, no communication-lazy workers who, in the end, would say "NO" to loan mod. to struggling homeowners. They were paid to lie to us, using all the alibis (either they didnt receive the docs; pretending they are processing the papers; that they left a msg to me). I am not believing them anymore, even that negotiator, Paula, who I spoke with. All she cld tell me was that it's up to the investors who could finally decide if my loan cld be modified. Even so, I might not be able to afford it bec. my husband, my son and I were still in the negative.

How could she determine that when she was just making an assumption since she claimed our papers we sent were not complete (losing the expense sheet). My husband was so furious this morning that he had no choice but to raise his voice on her. BTW, she insisted that we were not responding to her assistant's call back. My husband told her that he was waiting for the call all day from the time we faxed the docs.

The bottomline was she said what she wanted to say bec. it was not her final decision. It is the "investors' decision. My husband became sarcastic with her asking her "what decision?" A DECLINATION of Modification? My husband up the phone with frustration and fatigue.

Meanwhile, I went to BofA website on their step by step h.a.m.a. I carefully went to that process tonite, and one of the pages asked me to enter the monthly income of all borrowers which was only me(my husband was not in the loan at all). I put the amt and my monthly mortgage payemtnt. I clicked on to the "recalculate" box, and it came out that my mortgage shld be lowered to $908.00 which I was, in fact, qualified.

But when they sent that letter in January 2010 that they accepted my trial loan mod, I was very hopeful and excited that I was given a chance by my lender. That letter instructed us to pay 3 months and even attached 3 mos. coupons and pay it by the 1st of Mar. April & May. No other fees would apply. In that letter it also stated that I would receive another letter within 30 days for the final status of my loan.

Days had past, I received no response. I was getting worried. I called their retention dept. and a manager told me that I shld have received a letter that I shld still continue to pay the modification payment after May. I was so furious and I told that rep. where in the first modification letter did they add that paragraph. I told her that 3 people were reading any letters from the bank to make sure that I did not miss any important context. Instead of apologizing, she was blaming for not paying June & July. Because of that a letter of denial was created.

I was so angry that I almost passed out. I was hyperventilating due to anger.

My husband intervened and he said that he wanted to escalate to a manager. David, the mgr. took the call and apologized (hopefully, he meant it). He finally gave the number to this Paula and that's when I had to start over again.

I spent freaking money just to have them faxed again at Staples ($2.00 per page) for nothing.

I will find more ways to stop this foreclosure and with the complaints I received from you, readers, I am motivated to either send my complaint to the OCC and hire a probono lawyer. I cld not afford to pay anyone anymore. My husband was just laid off this past Friday and that hurts us more. The big shots earn millions of money with what we pay them. And yet they are not giving us the opportunity to keep our homes. I believe in Karma. May God bless my family and yours. Thanks for taking time to read my horrible experience with this heartless company.


I was in the 3 month trial period program with B of A, beginning August 2009,I was told to continue making trial period payments until they made a final decision regarding my loan. I was informed in June of 2010, I did not qualify for a loan modification.

They then told me since I was only making a partial payment, I am now 9 months behind in my house payment.

I never missed a payment before or during this period. Now they want my house.

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