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I have a new business account with BOA. I recently went to deposit a small amount to start into our business account.

Your deposit slips are very confusing.. and jumbled.. where you put the info for the account with having ENGLISH at the top and SPANISH at the bottom it makes the deposit slip very hard to read sometimes.. CANT you just have a deposit slip for for English and one for Spanish etc???

Or ask the customer what language in drive through or in the branch. You need other options..I know our country is very diverse and I wouldn't want it any other way..

but the deposit slips really need to be in English only...with options of others in difference languages. just a suggestion moving forward..

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You're racist, Leave Bank of America. :|


Now you understand why discerning people never use Bank of America. Remember, this is the same outfit that gave mortgages and loans to illegals.


Very bad plan to use this monster mega bank. Fire them immediately and use a small, community bank or a credit union. You have been warned.

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