Portland, Oregon
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June 2011 - Lost my job and began to subject myself to applying for a MHA loan.

June to November of 2011 - Faxed numerous information to BOA.

November 2011 - Denied MHA loan

December 2011 - Call from Bank of America to continue applying for an MHA loan.

December to February 2011 - More faxing of information to BOA.

February 2011 - Denied MHA loan

After 3 account managers I still do not qualify. Faxed numerous copies of information and still was not able to acquire an MHA loan. I am still unemployed but still not able to do anything to reduce my mortgage payments.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Mortgage.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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BofA told me to 'quit bothering them' in 2011 after numerous tries to get modify. Medical bills cause us to ask for interest rate reduction -- AZ hardest hit, house 60% underwater. Pres Obama new MHA effort -- we totally qualify for -- even BofA says we are 'pre-qualified' & modify should be 'timely' 4 months later, and BofA sold our loan to Select Portfolio/Fairbanks which was fined by FTC 40$million for mortgage fraud.


I can't even get them to answer the phone supposed to have appointed me a specialist but all it is, is a voice mail box #8500 that no one responds to or has the business sense to at least return the call.

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