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My husband and I are retired military. My husband is disabled due to a brain injury in Iraq. This is an account of how Bank of America uses the making home affordable program as a scam to get your home. It started when my husband had retired, his disability income had not come in yet and we were having difficulty making our monthly mortgage payments.

Though we were not behind, we talked to representatives at b of a and they suggested we apply for the making home affordable plan. For the next few months we faxed, fed ex'd, and phoned our information that they requested over 10 times. Also during that time they said I could no longer make my payments over the computer and that I would have to either mail in or phone in my payments. So each month, I would call in, ask what I needed to pay, and they would give me a figure which I would then give them my debit card info. For a few months they advised me that I needed to make trial payments which were $200 less than my regular mortgage payment. After a few months they started to inform me that I was behind. So I began to call every 2 weeks as they instructed to get a status and was told that I was behind due to them putting the partial payment into a holding account. However, when they started telling me that I was behind I started making my regular loan payment amount plus extra to make up the past due amount. Then we got a call saying that we were in foreclosure and that they could sell our home as early as the next morning. Scared I made some phone calls and got hooked up with Nova Debt. After speaking with them and having the representative from b of a on a 3 way call....we got the run around some more, they kept telling us conflicting information, but then assured me that I was not in foreclosure and that if I continued to make my regular monthly payments plus extra to chip away at the past due, I would not go into foreclosure.

Well, that was last month. As of 1/25/11 I was informed that my home had gone into foreclosure and they would not accept anything from me other than the total amount past due plus lawyer fee's and that they would have to order those figures and will fax them to me in 3 business days. So basically, after working with b of a for 1 year, calling each month, doing as they instructed, and never getting the same information twice, I am now in foreclosure and have to come up with a large sum of money next week to keep my home. This is very disturbing to me that they would treat one of our nation's disabled vets is such a dishonest manner. Keep in mind that we never missed a single months payment and only did what they instructed us to do and now they are trying to take a home away from a retired vet with a brain injury. B of A has left a really bad taste in my mouth and the fact that they are using the making home affordable plan as a front to steal from honest Americans and take their homes from them is extremely foul on so many levels. Please, email me with your comments, I would love to discuss this with someone.


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Had the same experience with Carrington mortgage, I do not recommend them to anyone. After going through a month or so of paperwork to do harp, upon the time frame ready to expire, they told me I was missing a form when I sent it in they then said it was past 60 day that we needed to submit all new paperwork, again they pulled the same *** missing this or that then it was submitted too late, they do this do people get frustrated and give up I see why people go postal and shoot 20 or so people that works for the company that screwed them over



You obviously have NO idea what you are talking about. You also are obviously sick in the head. It IS BOA's responsibility to 1) know what they are doing, 2) not LIE to people, 3) not steal from people, 3) know how to fill out forms, 4) type on a computer, 5) file the correct documents, 6) read computer information correctly, and SO SO much more.

You people obviously just wanted OUR money to bail you out of trouble but didn't want to give any help back to the very people who bailed your butts out of trouble, which you got into out of nothing less than greed.

If it's not BOA's "deal" then they shouldn't act like it is. Last I checked it was their name on my mortgage paperwork. If it wasn't BOA's responsibility, it wouldn't have been the signing the settlement AGREEMENT in court. And it is still BOA employees who are calling us and giving us false information.

My only hope is that YOU experience any one of the same things these people have experienced b/c people like you never get it until it does.


@ are obviously a very disillusioned and well-paid BOA employee. If you read half of what has been posted here you would not have made the rude and uneducated posting.

We are not *** and have dealt with the system long enough to know that it is not a bank program but like you said, it was up to the bank to manage the program as it pertains to their mortgage clients. Had you read anything on any of these posts you would have realized that our issue was not with the program but with how BOA poorly and incorrectly managed it. Also, if you were ever a soldier you would understand how our government fails to pay you correctly and what you are entitled to for a year or more after you get out of the military.

Also, judging by your language, lack of knowledge on the subject, and incorrect assumptions, you probably have no clue as to what real life and its hardships are about. I just hope that you never have to go through what we have gone through and may you be blessed enough to never have to realize how ignorant and naive your posting is.


I've been thru all of this, EXACTLY as described above. If you read the actual wording of the "Making Home Affordable" rules, it spells out who is and isn't eligible.

And I AM eligible, do to having a second child over the past year with special medical needs. Bank of America wasted about four months of my time with their incompetent requests for documents I'd already submitted, or requests for business documents that simply don't exist in my profession. (Guess what? When they say they phone back within 24 hours?

Total B.S. Good luck getting in touch with someone who isn't beyond incompetent. One week, they'd say, "Yes, we received your 2010 tax return." A few days later, "If you don't send us you 2010 tax return within ten days you'll be rejected." Me; "But you've gotten that FIVE TIMES now, and last time we spoke, your representative said, yes, she DID have it in her HANDS." Stir, mix, repeat one week later!) Finally, I got the: "Okay, you're paperwork is all in line, now it's going to be reviewed" news.

Then -- despite my paperwork being in order (according to THEM), and despite me definitely meeting the legal eligibility requirements -- they rejected me as "not eligible." Why? BECAUSE THEY CAN MAKE MORE MONEY OFF ME IF THEY DON'T ADJUST MY LOAN!!!!


Well, thought I would give you all the next chapter in my Bank of Satan saga. Due to a missed banking error (my fault) we fell 25 days late on our mortgage. Trying to do the right thing I call BOA and arrange to get it taken care of. They tell me I can do a "repayment agreement" and make larger payments for 2 months that way there would be no more late fee's and I would be caught up. I say alright. This was early in December. The very next day I get a call from a debt collector saying that I need to make arrangements to pay off the past due balance. I tell them of the repayment agreement and that it is set to start in January. They say okay and just make sure I follow through. The next morning and every morning for the next 3 weeks, I get a call from the debt collector going over the agreement that I have entered into with BOA. December 31st, I call BOA and speak with a representative and tell them of this repay agreement and make a payment by check over the phone to make sure it gets posted correctly. End of January, I get a check back in the mail for the extra I was told to pay with a note stating they cannot accept partial payments. I call BOA and after being transferred 4 times with each transfer spending 15 + minutes on hold, I get someone in collections. She says that for some reason, my repay agreement was cancelled and that was why my extra payment was rejected but she has no idea why. I tell her that is all fine and good and I will just cash it and then just pay a large payment on Feb. 1 and get everything caught up but I want the late charges removed since the mistake was on their end. She says she has to transfer me to customer service as she cannot do this. Back on hold again, I get another lady and I tell her what is going on. She says she cannot see the same notes as the collection dept does so she cannot get the late fees waived. Now I'm angry. I say to her, "if you all work for BOA, surely you have a backline that you can call the collection dept on and have them tell you what has happened". She says yes and that she will call me back. She calls me back and says that I was correct and the fee's have been waived. Now this morning I get a call from the debt collector saying that we have been reported to credit agency due to not following through with our repay agreement and being 1 month late. What the ***???


Susan McCleary


I hear your pain. We went through the same *** that you did.

BOA is a big financial institution that feeds off taking from the less fortunate and uneducated (like us).

I tell everyone I know to stay as far away from BOA as possible and am just waiting for the day that my credit is cleared enough to refinance with someone else. These bastards are SATANTISTS!!!!!!!!!!


David Puzniak

Mortgage Loan Officer

Bank of America Home Loans

628 North New Ballas Rd

Creve Coeur, MO 63141

Office: (314) 994-2511

Mobile: (314) 486-2652

Dear David Puzniak & Bank of America:

I will be sending this letter to anyone who will read it and listen to the injustice that we have suffered at the hands of Bank of America and Freedom Mortgage. My intent with this is to have Bank of America honor the agreement that they had made with my husband and I in 2010 about streamline financing my current FHA mortgage with Bank of America. And to also make Bank of America fix some of their current processes that harm families like ours. Below is an approximate timeline of events:

November 2009- We received a postcard in the mail from a company called Freedom Mortgage offering to refinance our home with a new FHA streamline refinance and save us on our interest rate and monthly payment.

November 10 2009- I spoke with Freedom Mortgage about the postcard that was sent to me and to ask questions about how it worked. They said no credit check, no appraisal and no closing as long as I had made all payments on time. I told them sounded good I would speak to my husband and if we were interested I would call them back. They asked if they could send paper work to look at and I said yes in case we decided to accept the offer.

January 5, 2010- We get a letter from Russ at Bank of America offering the same thing that Freedom Mortgage was offering. We called Bank of America because they are our current mortgage company and we thought it might be easier to deal with since they had all of our information already.

February 2010- I call and speak to Russ and ask so questions about their program. He assures it will be very easy and we should consider the offer. I tell him I will speak with my husband and call him back. So a few weeks later we call him back and talk to him on three way together so that Jason can ask the questions we has as well so we can make an educated decision. After speaking to Russ Jason feels confident and says we should proceed. So we call Russ and ask him to proceed.

March 2010- Russ calls and says he needs to go over the numbers again because something is wrong in the escrow numbers and that our payment is about to go up to $1800 a month. He says it’s good we are going to refinance now so we can get the payment down. We are concerned with the payment going up because we are trying to lower our current payment to get out of debt and pay off some bills. So now it looks like we need to refinance just to stay afloat much less pay off bills. I feel bad for people in our shoes that don’t have two incomes to fall back on. I think no wonder there are so many homes in foreclosure. It saddens me.

May 2010- I tell Russ we are going to be out of town and ask if he knows when our closing date will be since we are getting close to 90 days now. He says we will get it all done when I get back in town.

June 2010- When we get back in town Russ is on vacation. I leave a message. When he calls back we ask him about a cheaper rate that is being offered. He says ok he will look in to it for us. He calls and leaves me a message to call him. I call and leave a message for him.

July 2010- I call and leave messages for Russ. He calls me back once and leaves a message for me to call him. I try him back but have to leave message again.

August 2010- I leave message after message for Russ to call me. We really need to get out mortgage closed badly. Finally I call one evening and ask for him, they don’t put me on hold and I hear him say, put her into my voice mail I don’t have time for that crazy lady. I ask to speak to his supervisor immediately. Dave Puzinak gets on the phone and I explain what has happened. He apologies but it seems like he is just sorry that Russ gets caught saying it, not that he really is sorry that he did say it. He says BOA would like to keep my business. So I agree to proceed.

September 2010- Dave sends me new papers with the new rate on it and says the processing has to start over because of the new rate. So he says we won’t close this month either.

October 2010- Dave says we missed our window for this month as well.

November 2010- Dave says we can’t close this month because there is a very short window they have to close these loans. And they must be done by the 26th of the month and they are shorthanded and can’t get the paper work processed and completed for this month. I am very disappointed. I even file a better business bureau complaint and they offer me a $25 gift card for my trouble and say it will be done in December for sure. I call another mortgage company to see if we can get it done quicker and to see if I am being lied to. They run my credit and say they can’t help me because my credit score is too low to finance with them. They suggest I continue on with BOA since there is no credit check required.

December 2010- Dave calls for my bank statements so I send them to him. He calls me and asks why I have deposited a $2000 extra in my account. I explain that it is a loan for our Christmas vacation. He says we can’t close because they will think its borrowed funds for closing. But I tell him I have the money to close even if that had never been borrowed and he said yes but that would be too much paperwork so we should wait till the next month. I am beside myself at this point. Money is really tight and my payment is supposed to be more than $300 cheaper a month. And every month I get further and further into debt because I can’t get my house closed and my payment lower. I am scared I am going to lose my house at this point. I have 5 more people in my household to take care of.

January 2011- I call Dave and ask about closing date. He says once again we need to wait one more month till Feb 15, 2011 to get bank statements in with now extra money added to my account. I am livid. I fuss and complain but he says there is nothing he can do and it will be done next month for sure. There is nothing I can do except comply, BOA has my family home in its hands. I pray they can fix this next month because I don’t know how much longer we can hold on to this house without the refinance.

February 2011- I get an email from Dave today saying not to forget to send him the bank statements on the 15th so we can get moving and not miss that window again. I am super excited that he seems to be being proactive. Then 3 hours later I get a call that says he needs me to call him. I call him back and he tells me that because Freedom Mortgage held on to the file or application for 4 months, I am no longer eligible for the no credit check offer and they ran my credit and it’s too low for them to do the loan. I was devastated. I only spoke to Freedom Mortgage One time. I never signed anything or told them that they could do anything. They had called BOA for a payoff quote which I had to pay for even though I had not authorized it in anyway shape or form and they changed my designee on my homeowners insurance through State Farm. How can a company do that? Isn’t that an invasion of privacy? Don’t I have to sign something giving them permission to do all that? And how can BOA back out of a deal just like that? Should they not have to own up to their agreement? Dave has said now after this whole year that it’s Freedom’s fault, I am sure if I call them they will say it’s BOA’s fault, but ultimately my family is the one who suffers because now we cannot refinance our home and will probably lose it because we can’t pay the note every month. I thought President Obama’s mortgage reform was to help people like us, but it has not. So it’s either his fault, the FHA (that’s the other place BOA blames), or one of the mortgage companies fault. But of course I am sure no one will fix this or take the blame. My husband and I both work in education and I thought we were pretty smart people but for the life of me I cannot figure this one out. When we first purchased our home our payment was $1500 a month to Taylor, Bean and Whitaker and we could afford it. We had plans in two years to refinance. Then we get a notice saying they are closing down and Bank of America now has our loan. Then last year for no reason we can understand our payment went up to $1841 but our taxes went down and our homeowners stayed the same so why would it go up?

I am going to send this to everyone on my email list and my face book to let my family and friends know of our injustice before we lose our home so that people will already now it was our mortgage companies fault. I am also sending it to anyone I think might be able to help me get the word out to help some other poor soul from putting their trust into either of these companies. It is wrong what you have done to my family. I hope you open your eyes and do the right thing or that the FHA or someone higher up can step in and make you do the right thing and correct this mistake you have made for us.


Tammy & Jason Laborde


I just got off the phone (after trying over a dozen times to talk to a human) with someone in Making Home Affordable dept. After spending over half an hour answering their questions (this in addition to an hour trying to get through in the first place), he asked if I agreed to having an escrow account set up to collect prop taxes and hoa insurance, EVEN IF I WAS DECLINED for the program.

Think about this - I am applying in the first place because I can't afford my mortgage payment. If I'm DECLINED for the monthly payment reduction AND now have to pay property taxes and HOA insurance, my payment actuallky goes UP several hundred dollars a month! WHAT THE...? It's a trap!

Doesn't make any sense whatsoever.

They could just go through all of this BS and decline me anyway, just so they can collect more money from me each month (which I don't have), thus FORCING me to default on my mortgage! What a freakin' SCAM!!!


BofA is a joke...they have taken the modification program and turned it inside out to benefit them, not us the good ol working class americans. I am more than stressed out about this, i have been making a modified payment to them for 15 months now, and after updating my info every three months, which they don't update in their system..i have been slapped with a intent to accellerate letter, so I call them yet again, what do they tell me that a new packet has been mailed to me , well i call to check again on that packet, and come to find out it was never mailed out, im not on the program,nothing is being done!

I am livid!!

so I now have a hud approved counselor that is going to SEE if they can make this happen, we do qualify for the hamp, we have been told we do, we have been givin a modified payment, only to enter into forclosure?? :(


i am a single mom with 2 kids.

I had been struggling so badly & I

applied in 2010 march for making home

affordable program, I had been denied

for no reason, I faxed them 10 times the paperwork asked by them, wasted hours on phone weekly,each person giving wrong

information. Now they are telling me it is

1 time program. I am so annoyed, need help

how to go back to program.Can you sue the bank of america? I am definately canditate for modification,what can I do to save my house?


i am a single mom with 2 kids.

I had been struggling so badly & I

applied in 2010 march for making home

affordable program, I had been denied

for no reason, I faxed them 10 times the paperwork asked by them, wasted hours on phone weekly,each person giving wrong

information. Now they are telling me it is

1 time program. I am so annoyed, need help

how to go back to program.Can you sue the bank of america? I am definately canditate for modification,what can I do to save my house?


I have been through all of this as well. I am told I was approved for a permanent modification after making all my payments.

I got a letter in the mail stating that my house was going into foreclosure.

I suffered a minor stroke from all of the stress!! I am going to call an attorney tomorrow.Anyone wishing to contact me can do so at


just an update...we ended up having to pay their late fees, the money we were behind, foreclosure fees, lawyer fees (theirs), some guy that they hired to come out and take pics of our home to verify we were currently living on the premises, and some other *** they tacked on. All to the tune of $5500.00. Needless to say, we had to borrow the money to keep our home putting us in a worse situation than what we started with.


That is such a horrible story. I can't stand dealing with BofA on anything I have to call in about.

They are so incompetent and I waste hours of my day and often get nowhere, so I can only imagine dealing with them for a mortgage.

You need to make sure a jury hears your story, if not during the foreclosure proceedings somehow, then in a later lawsuit for misrepresentation and breach of contract. I would definitely get a lawyer if you have not already.


please stop paying this companies money to do your modification they are bunch of liers all they want is your money....


Ray, do you have an email address I could speak with you at? Email me at




Here are the simple facts: File your complaint with HUD, and your State Attorney General. Both have an interest in class action suits against BoA for Abuse and Discrimination. Here is my reply to BoA: There is a terrible mistake being made by Mortgage Lenders in processing the Home Loan Modification Programs in the application of the formula 31% of the gross income = the sum of (principal + Interest + Tax + Insurance).

Every person who qualifies for any kind of exemption for any part of their home tax is paying a higher interest for their home loan than what they would pay if they were not exempt. In my case it is an increase from 2.857% to 5%, or $403.00 per month which amounts to $131,056.60 over the life of my mortgage. What this means is my home mortgage lender will take my exemption that was earned in the course of serving my country and put it in their pocket.

The effects of this extend beyond the State of Texas. If a person who lives in a state where the home taxes are higher than Texas, then that person will get a lower interest rate on his loan modification and if a person lives in a state where the home taxes are lower than Texas, then that person would get a higher interest rate than what he would get in Texas.

These effects also extend to any insurance rates the home owners pay in their individual states.

At a minimum I believe it is abuse of desecration, at a maximum I believe it is fraud and violates the Fair Housing Act. In my case I believe it also violates the American Disability Act.

You are welcome to join me in a class action suit against BoA. Because if you attempted to file for a BoA Home Loan Modification you were discriminated against. If you wife is a woman it a sex Discrimination, if your wife is another man it is a minority discrimination, if you are a baptist it is a religion discrimination, if you are something other than baptist it is a religion discrimination, etc, etc, etc.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ray M. Clark

29461 No Le Hace Dr.

Fair Oaks Ranch, TX 78015





BofA is a nightmareto deal with! I can't believe they continue in business.they are not there for us hard working americans WHo us out there for us,anyyone care?

I was told by a rep 4 months ago dobt worry we will qualify so I continued to borrow money from family members to help us make our payments only 2 find out we don't qualify because we r not behind. Hello??????? We are borrowing!!!!!!!

What r we gonna do now. We wasted 6 months waiting to be told this...HELP someone please??????


I have been working with Bank of America and a nonprofit organization since September 2009. They tell me several differnt things.

I do qualify from the Making Homes Affordable Program and the paperwork is on its way and then I am denied. They put me on a special forbearance payment and then after I made those payments I now face possible foreclosure. I have sent a letter to the OCC and a letter to my local congressman Robert Latta. I just started looking online last nite and I am amazed at how many of us are being screwed.

There has to be something we can do. I am in a worse predicament than when I started this whole process. I have never been escrowed and now BoA is telling me I HAVE to be..because I applied for the program.

I went back to making my orginal payment but BoA continues to charge me late fees!! If anyone wants to talk to me or has any advice please contact me thru my email @