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I took a check drawn on a Bank of America account to be cashed at a B of A branch. When I got home I discovered the amount of cash that was given to me was short $10.00.

I promptly went back to the branch thinking that the teller would be apologetic for the mistake and appreciative that the mistake was caught. As it turned out I was told that they charged $10 to cash a check!!

I was outraged, why would a bank charge a fee to cash a check drawn on the bank!! Just a bunch of thieves that can't make money legitimately and view their customers and others as sources to steal from rather than figure out a way to make money legitimately.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Account.

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They did that to me also. They also said since I did'nt have a major credit card, they would NOT cash another one.

I had a passport and a military ID. I despise them and go out of my way to avoid any trade with them.

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