Duncan, Oklahoma
Not resolved

we went out of town for the 4th, but could'nt use the check card anywhere we got back an my wife cheched her balance it was negative but we only payed one bill an the rest of the money vanished. she tried to call customer service but kept getting automated service, then we called branch in Lawton,Ok an they told her that the account number she has does'nt even exsist for BANK OF AMERICA anywhere an the check cards are not the same as the regular check cards ours don't have our picture on them it 's a inside job that somebody took my disabled childs money an we don't have money now to pay the rest of our bills or to live on what the *** is going on.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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you know what i was being serious but i see there are still some folks who are both ignrant an childish, but if you knew who u was you wouldn't call us dum *** you *** b****.!


Your story don't add up- you must be a dum ***!

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