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I am a BOA customer for more than 30 years. BOA has handled my home and car purchases and I have kept checking, savings, and credit card accounts with BOA during the past 30 years. I have never complained until now.

I am hereby contesting the BOA's handling of my fraud complaint with number 5424 made on January 19, 2018. I am requesting that the Bank of America immediately credit my credit card account in the amount of $1035.05, the amount of the contested transaction of case 5424. This re-crediting of my account should be executed regardless of any decisions regarding the validity of the original claim since my complaint and my demand regard errors made by BOA, which are connected to but not dependent on the fraudulence by any vendor.

Note the following.

1.On January 17, 2018, I on line purchased 2 tickets to the play the Bronx Tale scheduled to play at Long Acre Theatre in New York on Jan 31, 2018. The vendor was Theatre Land Ltd. registered in London, England. I used my credit card ending in 5424 for this purchase.

2.I immediately received an email from the vendor (Theatreland Ltd of London, England) for 6 tickets. Total price $1035.05. I had ordered only two tickets to this play.

3.Within 4 hours, I called the vendor informing them that I had only purchased 2 tickets and the cost should have been approximately $300 since the tickets were listed at $150 each. The vendor told me that I had purchased 6 tickets and refused to adjust the bill. The vendor told me that the tickets would be electronically sent to me by email within 10 days and that when I received them I should download the six tickets and that then I could sell them or use them at the theatre on Jan 31. I protested to the vendor that I had ordered only two tickets and would not accept six tickets and wanted the order changed. I told the vendor I would file a fraud claim.

4.That evening, I checked on line at the site ripoffreport.com and found several consumer complaints against the vendor, Theatreland Limited

5.On January 19, I called the BOA fraud department and filed a fraud claim. After discussion with and consent of the representative at the fraud office, I filed a fraud claim for the entire amount of $1035.05 because the vendor had told me that the 6 tickets would be delivered as a package and I would not have the choice to accept only two of them. I was advised by an agent in the BOA fraud office that my credit card number would be changed and I should contact all other vendors where I had recurring payments scheduled. I followed the fraud department advice and contacted all such vendors ( about 10) with the change of credit card number. I did this at great expense of time and energy.

6.On Jan 19, $1035.05 was credited back to my credit card account ending in 5424. On that date I also received a letter from the BOA stating

Robert Detrano:

We've researched your claim and issued a credit(s) to your account for the fraudulent charge(s)

What you need to know

- We've also credited your account for any interest charges and fees that occurred as a

result of this fraud claim. The adjustment(s) will appear on your monthly statement.

- At this time, we consider your dispute resolved and no additional action on your part is required at this time.

- If we receive additional information that would cause us to reopen this case, you may

be contacted again.

We're here to help

We appreciate the opportunity to serve your financial needs. If you have any questions, please

call us at 800.472.7970, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Eastern. If you prefer, please

visit us online at www.bankofamerica.com for account information.

7. After receiving this letter stating that the "the dispute had been resolved", I again called to the BOA fraud department and explained to the representative that the product (electronic tickets) might soon arrive by email from the vendor and that the date of the theatre event was on January 31, making the product I had purchased (2 tickets) worthless after that date. I explained that my intent was to not accept the tickets and not to attend the theatre event on January 31 because I had received a letter from the BOA stating that the account had been resolved in my favor and because I had been reimbursed the cost of the tickets. I asked the BOA fraud representative if it was right not to download and use the tickets. The fraud department representative stated that it was the right thing to do to NOT ACCEPT AND TO NOT USE THE TICKETS.

8.On January 27, I received the ticket link from the vendor and did not download the 6 tickets in accordance with my conversation with the BOA fraud office. Please note that, at that time on January 27, I had the following choices of

a.downloading the six electronic tickets and using them all by either inviting friends to the theatre on January 31 or by using two that I had originally intended on purchasing and selling four of the tickets.

b.Following the advice of the BOA fraud department and not downloading the tickets since their value had already been returned to may account and the matter, according the BOA had been "resolved".

I chose the second (not accepting the tickets) because that is what you BOA told me was the right thing to do. This vendor email is still on my mail server and I have not touched the link to download the product which of course would now be worthless because the theatre event occurred on January 31.

9.On January 31, I did not attend the theatre event.

10.On March 6, 6 weeks after I had been told that the matter had been resolved and I had therefore not accepted the 6 tickets, I noted that the $1035.05 had been charged to the new cc number and I received this letter from your department.

Robert Detrano:

We've completed our review of your recent fraud claim on your account.

After a review of details you provided, we've determined that no fraud has occurred. As a result,

you'll be responsible for the balance on the account in accordance with your Account

Agreement. The adjustment(s) will appear on your monthly billing statement.

What you need to know

Your account will be updated with the appropriate payment history, including any delinquency

prior to the initiation of your fraud claim.

Our customers depend on us for the highest level of customer satisfaction, and we regret that

we're unable to resolve this matter in your favor.

11.On March 9, I called your fraud office again explaining that the matter had already been resolved on Jan 19 and I had therefore not used the product because of the way it had been resolved by BOA and with on Jan 19 and that BOA had agreed that I should not use the product.

12.I specifically asked your rep on March 9 if the 1035.05 would be again removed from my account charges and I would receive a third letter that the case was resolved. Your fraud representative said that both of these would happen.

13.On March 12, I checked my account and found that the 1035.05 had not been credited back to my credit card account, that instead there was notice about a dispute for $690.05 (that I had not requested) and I also noted receipt of a letter dated March 9 stating the following:

Robert Detrano:

We've received your recent inquiry regarding the account listed above. We're researching your

dispute(s) and will respond to you within 30 calendar days.

14.On March 14, I called the BOA fraud department again and asked to speak to someone who reliably makes decisions. I gave my phone number and made a phone appointment for 7 AM on March 15 when supervisor Nancy was to call me back.

15.On March 15, I waited until 7:20 AM for Nancy's call. She did not call. I called the fraud office at 7:20 AM and at 7:30 AM spoke to Nancy. I asked Nancy to change the affair back to a fraud complaint and to re-credit my account $1035.05. She agreed to change back to a fraud complaint but did not agree to credit my account. I also asked why the bank had changed its mind about this between January 19, the date of the letter causing me to forfeit the theatre tickets and March 6, the date of the second letter. She stated that the vendor had contacted BOA and the vendor claimed that there was no fraud. In other words, BOA trusted a vendor with reputation for fraud instead of 33 year customer who had never complained, who is a physician and university professor and the chair of the board of a reputable non profit and who has an excellent legal and credit record. Because of this BOA trust in fraudulent companies, the customer had to forfeit $1035.

BOA should, without further ado and immediately, re-credit my account the entire amount of $1035.05. This is based on the fact that because of BOA's initial letter of January 19 stating that the matter had been resolved and I had been reimbursed the $1035.05, I lost all value of the product (6 tickets to a play that occurred on January 31).

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1035.

Bank Of America Cons: Handling of fraud claim 5424.

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