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Due to medical expenses I fell behind in my mortgage payments after 15 years of consistency. I applied for modication, submitted requested documents.

Each time I followed up I had a different agent. The 3rd agent said all documents requested were received (I re-sent more than 3 times). Finally, after about 3 months I received a letter saying I was denied due to missing documents. I then attempted to get on a payment plan.

They requested over $6,000, so I was gonna borrow from my credit union. The agent told me after payment is received, I would be required to pay $2,000.00 for the next 4 months and future payments would be re-calulated. I explained that their delays also added lateness to my payments and I could not afford $2,000 a month. I pleaded for a monthly payment that I could afford, to no avail.

Then I attempted the Short Sale process and was denied. I received notice that my home would be on public Auction next month.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Mortgage.

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Fight them. Keep calling until you get answers.

We the consumers have rights. There are numerous lawsuits stating and finding their tactics are illegal.

If you haven't been contacted by them yet since you posted on here they will contact you. They have a social media department dedicated to trolling the internet for pissed off customers.

to Anonymous Pajūris, Taurages Apskritis, Lithuania #806889
:( they don't care,i know of someone who was let go for not following company policy, when the real reason(and was admitted by boa) was medicalthey dont care. :( :x

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