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can you get involved or just read and write posts?

I have two months left before Bank of America STEALS my home.


Call the numbers while you commute, write to the people, and FAX them. OFTEN

I have been doing this for over two years including litigating them . I have called and written and faxed.

I have spent months picketing-by myself, daily before work and now there is two months left and they wont talk to me, wont modify a loan, wont let me make payments and insist on taking my home to sell for pennies on the dollar.

see my site, promote it tell B of A and your local senators, my senators, everyone about it.


Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Mortgage.

Monetary Loss: $450.

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It's been over 2 year's that my husband hasen't been able to work a full 5 days a week.Our income has drasticaly dropped.Bank of America refused to help us with lowering our mortgage pymt. temporaly.We started a short sale appr.6 mn's.




Sue Bank of America for all the trouble and stress there puttting you through. Go to icansuemylender.com and sign up today!!


In February of 2007 I got a mortgage on my house in BA through First Magnus. First Magnus Filed Chapter 11 in Jan.

of 2008; around the time Lehman brothers also failed. Countrywide continued to bill me from the scanned documents that they received through (MERS) ILLEGAL! Countywide Sold my mortgage as a secured bond and became servisor of my mortgage only. ILLEGAL!

When they were unable to pay the interest on the bonds they had sold,(which is the primary reason for the banking colaps of 2008-2009) Bank of America stepped in in September of 2008 and paid 2 billion to Countrywide to keep them from following Lehman brothers in Chapter11. INSIDER TRADING! Both of the TARP bills were passed and in Feb of 2009 I was laid off. BAC received 45 billion in bailout money.

They paid 4.1 Billion to the senior management of Countrywide for access to their MERS accounts totaling $1.4 Trillion in secure debt. That's around $0.04 on the dollar. Essentially BAC paid less than $500 to get my mortgage agreement. But they don't want me to pay.

they want to foreclose because if they foreclose they get the MI insurance which was $128,000. My mortgage was only for $93,000. So as a result of the TARP funds they recieved they are required to enroll qualified mortgages in a home retention plan. They advised me that I would not be eligible until I became delinquent.

Therefore after I lost my job I stopped paying in March of 2009. (The same month BAC took over Countrywide.) I called three times a week and was told I was qualified and that I just hadn't been enrolled in any programs yet. May 1st 2009 BAC sent me notice that they were going to foreclose. When I called them...

I recorded the calls. they said it was a formality and that as soon as they got a handle on all the new assets they received from countrywide that they would pull my mortgage out of forecloser. LIE! BAC was able to get the district court to issue a summary judgment.

I appealed the decision. the Supreme Court Affirmed the summary Judgment and that would have been the end of my story but the supreme court committed liable and made several errors in issuing their affirmed ruling. I outlined the issues in the documents I sent on 4/22/11.

So I've been vindicated... kind of.


Have been trying to get a loan mod. for almost 3 years.

House was originally mortgaged through Countrywide,now BOA has it. They have given me the runaround time & time again. Scared to death they are going to take my home. Have held my payments for 23 months, ruining my credit.

Now say I'm disqualified from mod.

program due to not making payments on time!! WHAT THE ***!!!!!!!


You must "tender" them an "offer to pay the full balance due" upon their providing you with "reasonable assurance" that they are "authorized" to convey title and properly discharge the debt. NOTE: They cannot provide "reasonable assurance" that they are even an authorized agent for the TRUE "holder in due course"!!!!

The law says that after they receive your offer, they are OBLIGATED to provide this assurance in order to enforce the obligation, either the whole balance or even installments. In fact, just rejection of your offer, (which you should document very well) serves to extinguish the debt.

Do a Google search: "tender offer refused extinguishes the debt"

Once they refuse your offer, file to quiet title.


God speed,



I used Universal Lending to execute a modification (FTC closed their operations for fraud), then had to do it on my own. I had a friend who offered to finance the home, but after three months Bank of America still hadn't responded to multiple requests for payoff.

We contacted the attorney in Monroe Louisiana who was handling the forclosure and was told they couldn't get an answer either. They finally sent me a modification just days before my home was up for auction. I signed them and sent them back FedEX. Two days later I recieved another offer.

I called and told them I had sent the package off, and was told that it contained an adjustable rate and they could get it waived.. It also added back interest of over $18,000 to the balance due of $118,000 making the total due of over $145,000. Since I was caught between the old rock and hardplace, I told them to go ahead with it and was put on a trial period. I fulfilled the period, (supposedly 3 months, but took over 6 months) and was sent a letter saying I qualify for the modification.

The letter also in multiple places said they were preparing Agreement papers and as soon as I got them get them back in the time period stated. The wording actually was "to accept this offer, you will need to sign and return a Modification Agreement that includes the terms and conditions of the permanent modification. We are in the process of preparing your Agreement and will be sending it to you soon. Please be on the lookout for a package in the mail and return the Agreement to us by the requested date so we may finalize you loan modification".

I did not recieve them within 4 weeks so I called on and was told if not recieved by June 23, 2010 call back. I waited til June 23 and still no packet. I called and was assured it was "APPROVED" but they were running behind pretty badly. They said call back if not recieved by July 23, 2010.

No packet so I called on July 25,2010. Again I was assured it was "APPROVED" and not to worry, it was taking several months to get all the paperwork out. I was told to just continue making the modification agreement payments as I had been doing. I was disabled in Janruary of 2010 and put on weekly disability payments.

In Oct 2010 I was put on monthly payments paid on the 21st day of the month so I called and talked to John on the 5th day of December at 12:53 CDT. I explained the situation and he said don't worry, it would not change anything. He asked if I could afford the modification payments where they were and I told him yes. He also told me I could use direct pay by my bank at that time.

He also assured me I was approved for modification and would see my paper work soon. On February 23, 2011 I recieved a call from BOA. I returned the call and was told I had been turned down. They transfered me to the DESIREE TEAM.

I talked with a supervisor named Julie Nye. She said my payment was $1184.96. I explained that I had been approved each of my statements showed to continue the $983.32 Payments. She asked me to fax all that to her and she would post it to my folder.

I also asked her about the turn down, and she said it did not reference that in my account. She said it showed I was still under "REVIEW". I explained the approval letter and she asked that it be sent also. Then last night, February 23, 2010 I recieved another call from another dept of BOA.

I was told I had been turned down and I would be sent another packet. She also said not to be surprised if I recieved a forclosure notice and not to ignore them. She said they were sending me another package to see what other program I qualify for. So eleven months after I was sent an approval letter , and over 18 months since the process started they are now wanting to steal my home.

I am now on permanent disability and would probably not qualify for any program. Where do I go from here?

I have contacted the Federal Trade Commission and they said they are starting to collect files. Call them if you have a problem

Pat G


Email the CEO of BoA our account was fixed in 3 days and we had not missed any payments since they had taken over our loan 2 years ago.


Make a complaint with the OCC on the same day with the same information and follow this political group; they are interested in this issue heartlandrevolution.com


Bank of America admits error in security deed which prevents foreclosure so they are suing me for balance of loan. This is after 2 years of modifications which I paid and 3 attempted foreclosures cause they are complete *** who seem to lose everything. I got so mad finally hired attorney. I tried to pay them. Greedy. Took all this time to admit they had fraud by boa and they are still trying to torture me.



You can stop foreclosure with a receipt for an audit of you papers.It shows the court you are doing your due diligence to make sure you are not being defrauded, which they mortgage companies can not show. They can't even show they are the holders in due course of the lawful right to foreclose when you bring them to task.

They sold it and when they do that they also sold the right to foreclose. In a mortgage the way to find the crime is in the paper work. A certified forensic mortgage audit is what you need. endlessfrauddetection.com can provide just that.

Please visit the site and see what they have to say and can offer. Then contact steve@endlessfrauddetection.com to go over the options that Endless Fraud Detection has to offer.

Short sale, refi, modify are NOT options. Lets get use their laws against them and take this country back one home at a time.


I'm going through the same thing!!