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I had the misfortune of having my mtg sold to BOA & oh wait they sold it to another division of themselves. Things went fairly well first year.

Second year I noticed my escrow amt on monthly pymt jumped BIG time. No one in Customer Svc could explain. Finally looked at online county tax payments & added up escrow....here there was one qtr BOA had not paid at all in 2011, compound that with original owner had Sr citizen & Vet discount (which to me should've been taken into acct in initial escrow calc) then add infamous reassessment tax bill owed almost appeared to have doubled but BOA must not understand NJ tax billings. I'm being chg escrow for the 2 year combined not a single year.

Customer Svc & Escrow Svc horrendous.

Nor could I get them to lower rate even though explained was getting tons of requests. I did leave them for lower rate BUT not sure if better company

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Loan.

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You ought to be pissed with the phony Bank of America. The former name was the Bank Of Italy.

Whom do you think owns the Bank of Italy? It couldn't be the pope, could it?

How smart you have become. Now, it owns most of the mortgages of the American people while pretending to serve the humble God who came with a robe and sandals with no place to lay his head.


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